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  1. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Proflora M603 Not Working

    Hi Everyone,   A couple of months ago I bought a brand new JBL pro flora m603 complete unit. I have now come to the time for setting it up and yesterday I followed all the instructions, did the calibration etc… However it does not inject any CO2 into the tank. The only way of me getting it to do...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Ph Control

    Does anyone know if the JBL m603 requires an external solenoid or if it is built into the computer?
  3. nmacog

    Jbl Taifun Co2 - Help !

    Hi all,   I'm new to the whole Co2 thing, was talked into getting one at my LFS to help with my planted aquarium. So I went for the JBL Taifun S Reactor, TMC Solenoid CO2 kit, JBL Bubble Counter and CO2.   I have a 260 Litre tank and was setting CO2 to 30 bubbles per minute. I've been...
  4. R

    Turning Up Reg Pressure

    I want to turn my psi up on my regulator due to not enough pressure to push through my inline atomiser , I have the JBL reg and I think you can turn it up with Allen key but how instant is it as I've turned it a quarter turn and no difference or am I doing something wrong....
  5. Zikofski

    Relation Between Plants ,algae And Phosphates/fert's

    Okay so today after discovering from a few people high phosphates has nothing to do with Algae, i thought i shall be running a few tests on my tank to prove this point, i have discovered today that my tank was running high phosphate beyond the scale of the JBL PO4 test kit, and have bought some...
  6. conrad9900

    420L Planted Co2 Injected Custom Tank!

    build log.... Tank: custom 400l bow front tank Size: 150cm(l)x50cm(w)x60cm(h) Filter: JBL cristalprofi 1500e(1500l/h) Hood: custom hood Light: custom dual light unit Stand: Light Mahogany 150x50x70 Tank floor: JBL manado substrate 25kg/JBL pro flora fertilizer soil 10kg/Fine white sand 25kg...