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  1. driger8642

    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    I know this is a cory but which one? albino? spotted? etc.   Reason im asking is that I have 3 and need 1 more since 4 seems better.   The cories seem to be super active all the time, which I researched upon is normal for the beginning 1-2 months and then they just settle down at the bottom most...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Fish Identification

    Hi, I have recently purchased this fish, as a shoal of six but I confess to having forgotten the name, does anyone know what fish it is? Picture posted below. Thanks alot Cameron
  3. J

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    What's wrong with my fish?
  4. M

    Your Favourite Fish To Watch?

    So I thought I would make a thread a bit different from all of the help and advice threads. What is your favourite fish to watch? Mine is Babel my rubber nose (bulldog) plec, he may be boring for most of his time in the tank, but when he's active he's really good to watch. Very fast, and I...
  5. emilythestrange

    The Lowest Point Of My 5 Year Fishkeeping Hobby

    So, it started at just a regular planned w/c, a simple "two buckets in, two buckets out" .... Yet its taken 2 hours, left me dirty, tired, smelly and my arms ache like no ache ever before. and ill need to re siphon and re clean tomorrow as now its worse than it started before, and i doubt ill...