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  1. MuddyWaters


    Hi all, I have bamboo shrimp, a couple of cherry shrimp and a couple of Mexican dwarf crawdaddies. What is this little guy?
  2. CaptainBarnicles

    Hygrophila?? 🤔

    Any idea what this is? I bought a mystery bunch with all sorts of different plants ages ago and I've never worked out what this is... It didn't do well in the last tank I had it in, probably because of poor lighting and not enough nutrition in the it's been pushing out all these...
  3. E

    Rainbow ID - Boesmani? Sold as Turquoise Hello, is this a female or juvenile Boesmani? It was sold as a turquoise and looked like one in the shop, but now in the tank at home I'm thinking it's a boesmani.
  4. E

    Rainbowfish ID help

    Anyone know what this is? Is it just a very green turquoise?
  5. neoninnesi

    Mystery Fish, Identification Needed

    I have a planted 10 gal and as i was doing a WC the other day, i noticed a small fish i had never seen before. I’d say it’s about 3 weeks old since that’s the last time i added any plants, an egg must have hitched a ride. the only other inhabitants are 6 neon tetras and a couple snails. The...
  6. ChrisRyan

    Ich Advice

    Hello! So I don't have a quarantine tank, and I added a rainbow fish about 3 weeks ago. After a few days I noticed the ich and over a couple days increased the temperature of the tank (29 gal) to 90 degrees F. I was just lowering the temp today (14 days since temp increase) and noticed a neon...
  7. RRaquariums

    Sps Id?

    So went to get some corals frags from a guy on Craigslist and he was really cool and gave me this peace of sps coral to try out in my tank since I've been wondering how sps would do in my set up anyways me being a bit overwhelmed with all the other coral I got forgot the name of the sps and I'd...
  8. D

    Plant Id

    Hi all, Could anyone tell me what plant this is? Had it for a while now and was just wondering.   The black spots where the roots are growing: can these be picked off and planted to grow into another plant? Any tips for doing this successfully? Thanks!  ...
  9. J

    Sea Urchin Id And Feeding

    Hi everyone,   I have had this lovely sea urchin thrown into my care. I wasn't planning on having any for quite some time but alas I have one.   I know the set up, general care, salinity, all that good stuff for salt water inverts and tanks. But I was wondering if anyone knew what species/kind...
  10. BelldandyShanny

    New To Cichlids

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last post, my tank has been all changed around and now I have some questions.  After doing much research I decided to get a pair of German Blue Rams for my tank, and after looking and looking and looking, I finally found a pair marked as "blue ram" m...
  11. obroadie

    Please Help Identify. Is This A Shrimp, Crayfish Or Lobster?

    Hi Everyone,   This is my first post. Today I foolishly, on impulse, bought two gorgeous little things from the guppy seller at our local market here in Thailand. I would normally do some research beforehand but in over 10 year this was the first time I saw them and got excited. My two year old...
  12. Robbo85

    Help! Urgent Id Required

    HELP!   i have just got a couple of small pieces of coral and have found two things on it that i cant identify.   first is a brown little shell or pod that is attached to the piece of live rock that the coral came on. its egg shapped and has a seam running down its middle.     second is a...
  13. FungusTrooper

    Need An Id

    Hi guys.   Just went to the LFS to pick up some more corys for our tank - we had some already but the numbers weren't enough, yadda yadda. Anyway, they had a donated cory. The guy thought it was a julii, but I don't think so. I want to get him some buddies, but don't know what he is!     Any...
  14. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Festivum Id (Pics)

    Here are my festivums Bonnie and Clyde, can anyone tell me which species they are?
  15. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Swordtail Id

    Can anyone ID this sword tail for me? He's some sort of lyretail I picked up from a LFS a few days ago but no idea what his color morph would be called, I love the blue hue to his scales ho and hopefully I can get him to breed with either my red velvet or red eyed pineapple females.
  16. S

    Strange Brown Algae; Help Id This Please!

    Hey so in my new corydoras tank this strange brown algae has appeared onto my driftwood please help ID it.
  17. eaglesaquarium

    Need Help Identifying These Corys!

    Alright, about a year ago, I bought 4 cories from a LFS that is very poor at identification...  3 were in one tank marked "large cory" and the smaller one was alone in a tank marked "small cory".   At the time, I thought they were all trilineatus, but the one was younger than the rest... over...