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  1. Convictlover

    Caring For Fish While On Holidays For A Month

    Hi all, going on holidays for a month in November for the first time since I got my new tank + Cichlid. What is the best way to make sure I don’t come back to dead fish? I will most likely have a pet sitter look after the fish while away but probably only 2-3 days per week to feed the fish and...
  2. A

    Peppered Corydoras - Holiday Feeding Recommendations?

    Hey guys, I hope I'm right posting this here.. My situation is following: I have had my tank (15 gallon, planted, no CO2, 3 pepper corys with 1-2 more to come, 6 amano shrimps) for about a year now without a problem. Ive been away once on business for 10 days and a friend took care of my tank...
  3. Ingrid

    Holiday feeding question

    Can holiday feeding blocks cause a ammonia spike?
  4. Ingrid

    Advice wanted!

    Hi we are thinking of going on holiday in a few weeks and so we are wondering whether it would be all right to leave the fish for a week and what should we do before we leave so they survive. We at the moment have 6 platys. All advice is welcome thanks
  5. TallTree01

    What Preparations?

    In about a fortnight I'm going on vacation ( :P ) for a fortnight. The tank is 100% cycled and has 17 tetras and a bristlensoe Pleco in it. What preparations should I take?