1. A

    Losing shrimp! Help a kid out here 😩

    Hello hello one and all, I'm calling in for some much needed assistance. I'm relatively new to the hobby, but have been keeping aquariums (poorly) on and off since I was young. But these days, I'm trying to take things a bit more seriously. I've had my little 4 gallon aquarium at the foot of my...
  2. Cichlid4life

    Help! My hillstream loach has skin peeling-off

    i didn't know how to call this, but it seem like my loach has a skin peeling problem or something. Please help, i have a 16 gallon biocube, and i have two pseudogastromyzon fangi in the tank, one of which has some sort of white stuff on the snout. i will get images and params as i can.
  3. Mamaorca77

    What's wrong with my blue wag?!

    Hey guys, new here and just getting back into fish. We had a 50 and 20 gal yrs ago and had great luck with our fish. This time, I'm having issues!! First I made the mistake of buying fish from Wal-Mart. Out of the 6 originals, I have 2 left..and a cpl early replacement guppy males who are...
  4. Rifea

    Elephant Nose Fish Help (not eating!)

    A few days ago I got a small elephant nose fish(~2-3 inches) from my lfs, and thus far, he has not yet eaten. He's currently in a 20 gallon long tank(I am aware he'll outgrow it, but for now he's too small to go into the 55gal) and currently has no tank mates. aka no competition for food...
  5. Electric Warrior

    Stubborn Ich!

    So last week my rummy nose came down with the dreaded whitespot.  I noticed in the evening that all of them had it, but none of the other fish in my tank.  I immediately went out during my lunch break the next day and purchased some Esha Exit.  I dosed the tank as per instructions for three days...
  6. animalhouse512

    Fish Swimming At Top Of Tank

    Ok, so here is the scoop. I have two guppys, one platy, one swordtail, and one albino catfish in a 10 gallon tank. We have all live plants. We have had this tank for over 5 months now, and recently I noticed some strange behavior from most of the fish in the tank (catfish excluded). They are all...
  7. C

    My Firemouth Its Not Growing At All...

    Hello everybody, I'm a new member, I like cichlids and I have 2 tanks... I have a firemouth and I noticed that his not growing.... I bought him like 4 or 5 months ago... Right now he is like 2" 1/2 inches.... He was maybe like 1" or 1" 1/2 when I got him.... So he has grow a little bit, but he...
  8. B

    Algae Problem And Slightly Cloudy Water

    I have been having some problems in my 240 gallon tank with algae issues. the tank is situated near a window, adding indirect light which may be a problem but it is almost always covered with a curtain. We do partial water change once every two weeks and change carbon on a steady basis, as well...
  9. Gidge

    Moving Tanks And Fish Interstate

    Hello all, I'm currently looking at moving to Adelaide soon, it's about 2000kms from Perth and a 3hr plane ride. My problem is; how the heck do I move my tanks and fish?! Desperately seeking advice. I can't afford to dish out loads of money, and I don't want to sell anything. Appreciate...