hard water fish?

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  1. B

    What is the hardiest fish?

    Hey, can you fill out this poll, i want to see which is the hardiest fish, ill post a responce once the poll has finished
  2. AilyNC

    Fast flow/waves but hard water stock ideas 127L/34G

    Never sure which forum section to post in but this is a learning post. I'm setting up my 127L/34G tank. It's 36"/90cm in length, 12"/30cm width & 18"/45.7cm. Starting cycling so this isn't a rushed question but I really like the spray nozzle on Eheim Aquaball that creates small waves & the...
  3. L

    Fish and Very Hard Water.

    I am starting my first aquarium. Its 48x15x11 (inches) about 140 litres. I was planning on having pearl gouramis and kuhlis, was undecided on the rest, but just found out i have very hard water. 413.5 mg/l (or parts per million) :Calcium Carbonate 165.4 mg/l (or parts per million)...
  4. L

    Fish Selection Not Working Out...(Or I Poisoned The Water)

    My fish are dropping like crazy...I redid my old mbuana tank several weeks ago and bought 6 angles, 2 bolivian rams, 4 blue rams (very young ones) and 8 tetra.  So far I've lost 3 angles and 3 blue rams.  My amonia and nitrite levels are 0.  Very little nitrate (not sure of the # as I don't have...