gold gourami

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    New tank mates for golden gourami

    So thanks to the advice on here, I've realised I have to permanently remove my golden gourami from my community tank, due to the angel fish bully. If I was to set up my 200litre 4' long tank to house him (rather than rehoming) what else could I put with him...? Would it be possible to get more...
  2. W

    Gourami lying on the bottom

    Hi all, My golden gourami has been living in my dad’s tank for a while now, almost a year. (I raised him in a twenty gallon and he moved to the sixty when he got bigger). He lives with some angels and discus and my comet goldfish as well, who are all healthy. Recently for the past couple of...
  3. B

    Can anyone tell me why my gourami is blind?

    About A month ago I noticed my goal gourami swimming into decorations and swimming pass the food I put in the tank. Since then her right eye progressively got cloudier and her left eye has just started to get cloudy. I cleaned the tank daily for a couple of weeks in hopes that it was just an...
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    Blind gold Gourami

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed my Gouramis coloring get progressively darker. I thought it was because he was getting older. Then I noticed he was swimming aimlessly bumping into the decorations also when I put flake food in the tank He would swim right past the food. I looked closer at him...
  5. E

    Need Gourami Help

    Hey guys! My boyfriend and I just started a new tank, and tonight we noticed something strange on one of our gouramis and need some help. We're new to fish keeping, so we're not up to date on diseases, but we're thinking maybe anchor worms based on pictures we have found. Any help would be much...
  6. D

    Gold Gourami Has A Pot Belly

    I have a 55 gallon tank set up with a few live plants, lots of fake plants and some rock work. I have 8 gouramis, all of different species and they all get along terrifically with each other and the other fish like barbs and glofish and the clown loaches. My question is about my gold gourami...
  7. S

    Gold Gourami Mating Questions

    I just recently got 3 Gold Gouramis one male and 2 females. I want them to breed but am having trouble figuring out whether they just want to chase each other around or be friendly and lead up to mating. I am majoring in Marine Biology but i still have a lot to learn. i guess what i am asking is...