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  1. Lene

    Male or female RAM

    Can someone please help me? Is this a female? Last couple of days she’s been so aggressive chasing my male around, he’s all pale and just hiding now…
  2. V

    Is this molly a boy or girl?

    If you tell a molly's gender the same way you do platies, I think it's a girl but I'm not certain.
  3. V

    Is she big enough to not get eaten or should I put her in the net?

    My platies had babies, idk if I want to keep them all but this is definitely one, I want to keep. Should I throw her in the breeder net for safety? I do have places for them to hide but despite this the fry are out in the open a lot. I would like her to free roam, so it doesn't slow her growth...
  4. D

    Keyhole sex?

    I'm trying to figure out the sex lol I know the other one I have is male. I thought they were bonded but then I changed their tank around and switch out plants but since then this one has been in hiding and stressed. I found it buried in the sand under driftwood. I took them both out and...
  5. C

    Help with gender identification

    Hi, I’ve just got these 2 fish could anyone help me to identify the species and what genders they are. Many thanks
  6. A

    Have they given me a female? Please help me sex my Endler

    I have an established planted tank with all male Endlers, I bought some more fish today from the same place as before and was reassured they are all males as they don’t keep females. I was a bit confused because the first time I bought the fish the guy spent ages fishing out only males but now...
  7. pkenziep

    Sexing young guppies?

    Hello! I’m sure this is a very common question, but I was hoping someone could help my ID the sexes of my guppies. I rescued a “Noah’s ark” assortment of tons of fish and that included two young guppies. I’ve kept them in a nursery box because they were so small and plan on releasing them into...
  8. M

    Are those Betta fish male or females?

    Are they males or females and can I put them together?
  9. BettaChel

    Help me Gender my Cory Cats!

    Hello all! I’m relatively new to fish keeping but I love it so much! I got some new corys yesterday and I was wondering if anyone could help to identify their sexes if possible! Here are the two Juliis. I think the one in the back is female and the one in front male? (guessing! lol) Here’s...