1. P

    Black neon tetra sudden behavior change

    Hi all, I just found this forum in hopes of finding some help/answers, and I'm reaching out here since this seems like a very helpful community of experienced hobbyists. I'm hoping to get some help diagnosing my black neon's issue. I do not have the tools/equipment for exact numbers for water...
  2. G

    Why is my molly gasping for air?

    Only ONE of my mollies is gasping for air. She likes to stay at the surface and basically act as a “vacuum.” Is this just her personality? None of my other fish do this, just her. There is plenty of aeration and you can even see little bubbles floating up to the surface all over the tank.
  3. K

    New Red Spot Severum gasping, high levels

    If anyone can read about our situation and give advice we would be so grateful! We are new to the aquarium world, but our problem has stumped even the girl at the fish room who seems to know everything. We have a 20 gallon tank and 2 weeks ago we put in it a Red Spotted Severum (3 or 4 inches...
  4. D

    Angelfish at surface - please help!

    I brought home muy first two angels yesterday along with 3 hatchets to fill my 30gal bowfront. I lost my last fish (except my 3 Cory cats) a few days ago and that's why I decided to get my new angels. They've been doing great, very active yesterday and today, but this evening they are chewing...
  5. LibertyMoore

    Male Guppy On Bottom Of Tank, Help?

    I have four male guppies in my tank, they are the only inhabitants. On Monday I did a water change, and the next day I noticed one of my guppies (the littlest of the bunch) seems not to be swimming much. He alternated between laying on the bottom, and hanging st the top, near the filter or...
  6. ester

    One Of 18 Fish Gasping, Perfect Water Conditions?

    Hello, I would appreciate some timely advice. Believed to be my oldest and best looking clown loach is gasping for air constantly these past few days. Everyone else in the tank is fine. It is a community tank.  Info: Water quality is perfect 79 degrees Recently battled ick with API Super Ick...
  7. MadameFizzgig

    Violet Goby (Dragon Fish) Gasping? Please Help

    Hi everyone,   First off, I am a newbie fish owner. I do not have a ton of experience with fish. That being said, I recently purchased a violet goby from Walmart. He is about 4 inches long. Apparently he was living in fresh water there, but I read that he should be living in brackish water. So...
  8. Valentini

    New Filter. Oxygen Problems? Dying Livestock

    I had an over hanging filter for my 55g tank, but it was pretty loud so my dad bought a fluval. I asked him to grab a powerhead too, but he used to raise freshwater fish and therefore disliked them and didn't buy one. I set up the fluval-rinsed it all well-and started it. I noticed that it was...
  9. G

    Help! Gasping Sick Ghostknife!

    Hi I'm sorry if this is a bit wonky but I really need help with my ghostknife.   A week ago he was acting a bit funny, swimming straight up, going after bubbles and bumping into things but then on wednesday he was on the floor gasping. I panicked, ran to the fish shop to get my water tested and...
  10. C


    My Fishing has been doing this right after I did a 50% water change. My water is well Oxygenated. Someone help, im supposed to sell this fish soon, it cant die ! 
  11. L

    Gasping Fish

    I set up a 10 gallon tank just over a week ago and have 3 guppies. The water has been tested often and I'm doing water changes about every other day. My fish eat well (I feed them once a day) and overall seem fine, but recently one keeps opening and closing it's mouth. The tank isn't cycled yet...
  12. N

    Sick Hengel Rasbora

    Hello people,   I'm new to the hobby and have my first tank (cycled and everything) have had fish in for over a month after the cycle and have low levels of ammonia etc and pH is good but have a problem with one fish.   Physical- I recently found that one of my rasbora had an angry red area on...