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  1. G

    Just bought Galaxy Rasboras (Celestial Danios) with barely any color.

    I went to my lfs a few weeks ago and fell in love with the Galaxy rasboras. They were in a big planted tank with just shrimp. Fast forward to this week when I finally was ready to purchase a group (5) and noticed the tank was stocked with a bunch of other fish. Seemed a bit over crowded.. but of...
  2. Seb2502

    White clouds or CPDs??!

    Hi everyone, I’m moving my fish from my current 20 gallon aquarium to a larger 75 gallon aquarium once my brother gets rid of the last of his cichlids. Im planning on doing an overgrown type planted tank with the 75 gallon. As well as a similar style with the 20 gallon. However I’m unsure about...
  3. Circus

    A nice trade in!

    I traded 4 gallon bags of water lettuce for some celestial pearl danio for my 25 gallon hex tank! I also got an accidental shrimp. The CPDs are in with 8 pygmy corydoras and a bunch of cherry shrimp and some pond snails. They don't like to sit still, but here are some pictures of the tank.
  4. P

    Tank Breakdown - Variety Of Fish For Sale / Offers

    We need to break up our freshwater tank so have a variety of fish needing a new home.   Offers welcome. Flexible on prices - most important thing is to get them to a good home.   Collection, or may be able to meet midway if you're not too far away. We're in Forest of Dean, near Chepstow.   If...
  5. sharkydog

    Celestial Pearl Danio(Galaxy Rasbora) Questions

    Just a quick, two part question: In a 10 gallon [heavily planted] tank, will 3 female celestial pearl danios be okay (because I've seen that the males can be aggressive), and will they be harmonious with either a single male betta(assuming that the individual betta will not harass them) or with...
  6. sharkydog

    Betta, Tank Mates, A 10 Gallon Tank And More

    Okay so, I have a betta currently in a 2 gallon tank. He has a mystery snail with him currently, and has shown no signs of aggression. When I show him a mirror he flares, but he doesn't attack the glass or really do much else of anything and then stops flaring once the mirror goes away(in other...
  7. S

    Brand New To Keeping Tropical Fish 60ltr Tank

    Hi my name is rich I've been bought a Marina style 60 aquarium by my girlfriend and have a few questions that the experts will answer easily,that why I'm here: ) . My main questions are am i able to keep galaxy rasbora and dwarf cichlids together in a 60 ltr tank. These are the two breeds of...