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  1. xlinkinparkx


    Hi Folks, This is my 90G I've been putting together this 90G for a while now, I have finally moved fish from two smaller aquariums in here and placed the plants/gravel/rocks where I wanted I'd like to hear your thoughts on my stock and I am opened to any ideas. Stock 4 keyhole cichlids 1...
  2. AngelAi

    I Have An Idea!

    I dont know much about salt water tanks. but What if someone Made a filter that was also a heater? if there is not something like that already. It would save space in your tank.
  3. AngelAi

    Are There Any Colorful Plants For Fresh Water?

    I was just wondering if there are any easy to take care of plants that are really colorful or flowery plants I can keep in a fresh water tank?
  4. D

    Urgent Urgent Help Needed!

    Hi Guys so im going to give you a basic break down of the history of my setup and what i need help with.   I bought a 4ft tank with angel fish and a few other fish. very mature tank (jewel)   didnt like angel fish or tank so sold it.   Bought a used marine tank. took all substrate out and...
  5. Zikofski

    Review Of The New & Old Up Inline Diffuser

    Comparison and Review on the new and old UP Inline Diffuser's   When i entered the world of Injected Co2 i did some research and came across lots of diffusers some internal some external and inline with the filter, now considering i already had an inline heater and wanted to keep equipment...
  6. W

    Hello From Australia!

    Hello Everyone! My name is James, I am a 16 year old currently attending High School and live in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia. I have had a fascination of fish for as long as I can remember, and decided now would be a good time to start looking at becoming a proud carer of the...