fluval edge

  1. C

    Tank Humidity

    Hi, I have around 36g worth of aquariums. One 30g and one 6g I was wondering whether this amount would produce a lot of humidity for it to be problematic? The 6g is a fluval edge so has a complete glass top and the gap is also covered by a plastic grated top The 30g also has a hood, granted...
  2. G

    Fluval Edge 6 Gal with fish

    When I was up in CT cleaning out my Mom's Condo I was originally keeping a look out for a 5 gal tank for a Betta that I ended up not getting. I did get a Fluval Chi 5 gal for $20. But before driving up 2 hours from NY to CT I saw a post about the Fluval Edge with fish and supplies for $150. So...
  3. thrujenseyes

    super strange shrimp behavior on video

    Hey all :) I've been MIA for a tiny bit but all has been so great with my tank (knock wood) that I've kinda put attentions elsewhere. Anyway...super weird behavior caught on video of two dwarf shrimp (neocardinia) one red and one blue (both male...only have males in my tank 5 and one amano)...
  4. thrujenseyes

    remineralizing distilled water or keeping what I have to suit shrimp

    I've decided to rehome my endlers, as I can get the PH where they like it but never the hardness. Shrimp seem to do well in my water...when the endlers aren't terrorizing them...which they have been lately... So, this weekend I'm driving them to a new home and will concentrate on my shrimp and...
  5. thrujenseyes

    top plants get too much light...but I'm in a pickle

    My tank is a little Fluval Edge 6 gallon that's been cycled and up and running for over two years now. My parameters are: PH: 6.8-7.2 GH: 75-150 KH: 40-80 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Chlorine: 0 Ammonia: 0 50% water changes weekly. 2 remaining endlers (will be switching to soft water fish as I've...
  6. thrujenseyes

    If I were to use water direct from well.....

    I'm going to try and give the short version of my long story: I cycled a little 6 gallon Fluval Edge just over two years ago. I *thought* my water was hard because I'd tested the tap which was coming up 7.5ph. I stocked with 5 little male endlers. Tons of live plants. Over time I kept losing...
  7. RRaquariums

    Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Nano Reef.

    I found this fluval edge 6 gallon tank on craigslist for a good deal and couldn't pass it up so I will be making it into a nano reef tank. Hopefully I will have it set up and cycling by next week after that time permitting I will post updates once a week. So if you want to come along for the...
  8. Wreckzone

    Planarians Attacked Neon Tetra

    Hi everyone,   I'm new to the forum and I signed up today to specifically ask (and warn) about planarian.   Last night I witnessed a horrible, terrifying scene, but I'll get to that in a minute.   My 6 gallon Fluval Edge was hit with a fungus outbreak a few month ago and two of my five neon...
  9. F

    Fluval Edge 46L Stocking?

    Hi guys, i've bought the new fluval edge 12g/46l and im really not sure what to stock it with. I was thinking some guppies with endlers and cardinals maybe? I know it a small tank you dont have to tell me that. Its all cycled and all the tests have been done. Thanks :)
  10. carmstrong

    Hello Everyone!

    Good Afternoon fish friends, my name is Candace and I am a new owner of my very own Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank.  I only have a African Dwarf Frog (ADF) in the tank now, he's 3 years old and his name is Hobart but i'm planning to get some new Tetras today!   Here is my tank!   I have a question...
  11. T

    Getting The Very Best Nano Tank Water - Ro?

    Hello All - I'm new here. We have just bought a couple of nano tanks and we are both lucky enough to work in laboratories. This gives us unfettered access to grade II laboratory RO/DI water and water test kits, which is good given our local water isn't ideal for tropical tanks. We'd like to do...
  12. L

    Fluval Edge 23L? Worth Getting?

    I would like one of these tanks to replace my other small tank.   Does anyone have any positive negative issues with them?  My main concern would be gravel cleaning with the small opening?  Is the Fluval gravel cleaner any good?   And also, could you keep Corys with the small opening? Oh, and...
  13. L

    Need A New Small Tank? Fluval Edge, Spec Or Something Else?

    Hi all,   I need a new small tank 20-30l and love the look of the Fluval tanks?    The Edge 46l looks too awkward with the small opening at the top so I have been looking at the spec and the Edge 23l?   Anyone with any experience of these would be great or any viable alternatives?   Thanks
  14. P

    Advice On Tanks And Stocking

    Hi everyone, as it is coming up to Christmas, I thought that I would surprise my partner by getting him a fish tank! He absolutely loves fish and fishing it's a huge hobby of his. Already owning a gecko and bearded dragon he likes the unusual pets. Now, this is where I need the help. I really...
  15. P

    Oxygenating A Fluval "edge"

    Hi everyone, my name is Lewis and I'm coming back to fish keeping after around 20 years. To this end, I am now the proud owner of a brand new Fluval Edge, having fallen in love with its very modern styling. I've added substrate, 2-3cm of 5mm shingle, one or two plastic plants to hide the...