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  1. R

    My fish are having weird behaviors

    I’m relatively new to the aquarium hobby but I’ve seen that my fish are having a weird behavior. I’ve had a 15 gallon tank for 3 months now and I have 5 neon tetras and 2 of a little bit of a larger species of tetras(I don’t remember the name) and their all doing fine but the 2 larger tetras are...
  2. M

    NEW TANK :)

    Hi everyone ! I would like to start my first Community Tank. I've read A LOT of information about tropical fishes and Im very exited to have some of them. Im struggling with how many Liters/Gallons needs every fish that I would like to have. Due to the difference of equivalencies and "mistakes"...
  3. O

    First Fish Tank, Very Excited!

    Evening everyone!   This is my first time posting on here, and my very first fish tank too! My mother-in-law has purchased a 30L Love Fish Prism tank that I've set up for her today, we plan to leave it about a month before putting any fish in, though might add a shrimp or two after 2 weeks if...
  4. scrage


    Woo! So, after finally tying down ALL my plants so the plecos doesn't rip them up, they are all starting to pop up leaves and I am SO excited! Other than CO2 booster, and this Aqueon plant food I have, is there anything else I can do for my new babies? Or is this about as good as I can do? I...
  5. ashcole1989

    First New Tank All Set Up

    Hey guys! So as promised here are a few pictures of my new tank all set up! First one here is the day I filled it to make sure everything was in order And then this one after it had been sat for a day! It's a little cloudy but it's...