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  1. Z

    Afragog in aquarium?

    What are the uses of afragog in an aquarium beyond having a large surface area for bacteria? I remember reading it last time and deciding to add it to my tank; however, now I can not find any information about it. Is there anyone else that uses it in their aquariums/filters?
  2. V

    Transfering filter media from internal to external system

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a new (bought used) aquarium with an external pump and filter for the first time. My question is about transferring sponge filter media from an internal pump & filter, eheim pick up series. The external pump & filter is eheim 250 and has different filter media. One is...
  3. P

    Stocking and Filtration Questions

    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me her old ~60 gallon aquarium. It was in rough shape but I’ve got it looking much better now. Im at the point where it is time to add substrate and begin cycling. Once the substrate is in, I’ll also be able to figure out the actual volume of the tank which...
  4. MyFishKaren

    Improving Topfin 20 Filter

    I was recently linked a video on how to improve a Topfin 10 filter and am going to make improvements on my Topfin 20 filter after I eliminate the ammonia and nitrite from my tank. Does anyone have any personal experience with improving the Topfin 20 filter? What products did you use? I am...
  5. B

    Will my fish be ok?

    Hi all, I have a 20 gal long tank and a sun sun 602b filter. An essential piece to the filter broke so i had to order a new filter. I have to wait probably a week. I just want to be sure that my fish will be ok for that long. I put a sponge filter in for now and threw all the sponges and...
  6. P

    Best bio filter media for 10 gal tank?

    My 10 gallon aquarium came with a penn-plax cascade 300 internal filter. The filter includes a sponge and activated carbon cartridge. After learning that activated carbon is pretty much useless except for removing medications and chemicals, which I don't need (and also removes tannins, which I...
  7. ashcole1989

    Thinking Of Buying A New Filter

    So I'm wondering whether to change my filter. I currently have a hang on the back external marina s20. I cleaned the casing out last weekend and discovered it wasn't flowing last night and I had to clean it all out again. It's fairly new and my fish in cycle is not quite there yet, but I'm...
  8. KirkyArcher

    Biohome Mini Ultra (A "mini" Review)

    Well I have now got nothing but this product in all my Biological trays (2 out of the three available trays in a Fluval 206 for the 125 litre & 306 for the 200 litre ). My tanks I must admit do fall into the heavily stocked bracket  This media is super porous having a wicking effect when dunked...
  9. rpgmomma8404

    Filters With Brown Crud On It, No Fish In Tank.

    I noticed this before when I first set my ten gallon up but now it's on all three filter medias. What is this? I thought me and the boyfriend cleaned the sand pretty well. Could this explain why both tanks are a bit cloudy?      
  10. SamB

    Filter Media

    Hi,   This may seem silly but I do not understand what filter media is. It's described often, used frequently, but when I look at my filter, I just don't understand what part of it is the media. When I have replaced my filters, I just have bought the packs.   This is my...