ember tetra

  1. T

    Is this a good stocking list for my planted 10 gallon?

    I asked a question a couple nights ago on the planted chit chat part of the site about my plants and everyone was very helpful so I wanted to check with everyone about my stocking list for it. I already have three mystery snails in there, and plan to get three scarlet badis, and eleven ember...
  2. Missjane1995

    Is my ember tetra pregnant

    Hello Everyone! Im new here. I've had my fish for quite a few months now and they've all been doing fine. I watch them daily so usually notice anything thats off or strange behaviour. One out of my six ember tetras has a little bulge under them and seems to be at the tops breathing radically...
  3. ellamay

    Fat ember tetra chasing others

    I’ve got one fat looking ember tetra chasing other ember tetras away from the middle of the tank during feeding time. Everyone else is getting along fine, it’s just this one that’s being rude. It’s also quite fat and slightly larger than the others so I’m not sure if it’s a female about to lay...
  4. Retired Viking

    Amber tetra and lemon bacopa

    I added some more Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa Carolinana) to my tetra tank along with 4 more amber tetra today. The amber tetra seem to like to hang out in the little forest of bacopa I made at that end of the tank. The glow light and neon tetra tend to hang out in the middle and the other end of the...
  5. R

    15g ember tetras darios betta?

    Hi All, I have a 15g tank that has 4 dario dario (I believe 2 male 2 female based on their behavior and coloration), 8 ember tetras a mystery snail and some RCS. Its been cycled and established for months now and so far everything is good. Its heavily planted with driftwood, floating plants...
  6. S

    105 litre stocking

    Hi all, I currently have a 105 litre planted, community tank that houses 12 cardinal tetras, 7 ember tetras and one male betta. The tank looks a bit sparse so I was wondering if I could fit in any more fish (tetras if possible)? Thanks in advance!
  7. JohnnyFish

    Stocking Help 37L

    Hello, I was wanting some stocking advice on my 37l aquarium, its a 40x40x25 aquarium, more of a cube shape. I have soft water. I currently have 6 ember tetras and 2 Bolivian tetras. I was wanting to maybe add some more ember tetras but I do not want to overstock. the water quality is always...
  8. Retired Viking

    Starting a new anacharis forest for my ember tetras.

    I was able to find a little more anacharis and decided to start another Anacharis forest for my ember tetra. I planted it yesterday and my ember tetra moved right in. All 5 of them were in it this morning. The last anacharis forest was at the other end of the tank before I lost most of it. I...
  9. F

    Planning a hundred litre (22 gallon) tank please help!

    Hi guys, I’m completely new to the fish world and have been told to take aqadvisor calculator with a grain of salt so I’m looking for a second opinion on the plan for my first tank. I wanted this tank to be full of peaceful fish after seeing my sister struggles with aggressive female bettas...
  10. Gina_TheBetta

    A Quick Study

    Salutations hobbiest. After months of debating whether I should get a lizard or fish I chose (drum roll please) Fish. I now have a 10 gallon for my female standard veiltail betta. After changing and rearranging I found she did well with the 2 cherry barbs and 3 albino cherries, where as she was...
  11. CrazyDiamond88

    Ember Tetra Nipping Betta! :(

    A few days ago I put my betta and 6 newly bought ember tetras into their 12 gallon tank.   All was well except just now after I fed them, I was watching them, and one of the tetras was following Kasai, my betta around, and nipping his tail Kasai seemed pretty flustered and flashed himself away...
  12. Elrohirthehasty

    Sparkling Gourami And Ember Tetra Compatibility

    Any thoughts on 1m, 3f sparkling gouramis and 12 ember tetras in a 20gallon tank?  Would the embers nip the gouramis? Would the gouramis be territorial (and the embers take any of the brunt).     If this would work, would there be space for a clean up crew? What would you recommend?   This is...