dwarf puffer

  1. B

    Pea puffer with white fin

    I got a group of 3 pea puffers today from a store that’s pretty far from where I live because they were doing a deal 3 for 10$. After I got the fish home and put them in a tank I realized one of them has a pectoral fin that is entirely white. I think it’s fin rot but I’m not sure. Have any of...
  2. Wrecker4488

    Entertain dwarf puffers with shrimp?

    I currently have one dwarf puffer in a planted 10g tank and I’m afraid he’s going be get bored and lonely now that his buddy died/disappeared from mysterious causes. I did a thorough cleaning of the tank and found no remnants of a deceased puffer and there’s no dried up puffer around my tank and...
  3. J

    Dwarf puffers

    Hi I recently purchased some dwarf puffers and noticed the other day that one of them had a reddish brownish thing hanging out of its anus now 3 of them have the same problem they are eating well live blood worms and snails anybody got any ideas oh the water tests well a0 n0 n05
  4. markanthany

    Dwarf Puffers & Internal Parasites

    Hi all, I'm new here.  I acquired three dwarf puffers three days ago and after a bit of reading, found that the vast majority of them come with internal parasites.  However, I noticed that only maybe one out of the ten threads I had read of people treating their sickly puffers, actually ended...
  5. E

    Dwarf Puffer Help

    i have a 20 gallon fresh water tank and i have quite a few guppies, four corys, an albino pleco, two black mollies, a balloon molly, a platinum lyre-tail molly and her fry, and some cherry shrimp. i just added a dwarf puffer a couple of days ago and i have no had any problems or aggression from...
  6. Y

    70 Gallon Corner Tank+Outdoor Plankton Tank

    Hello everyone :) this is our new journal following our updated upgraded tank we moved all our fish and such from our 45 gallon bow which will be used to house a Merauke Island Blue Tongue and a Red eyed Crocodile Skink probably turned into a double layer tank with some diy shelving added in but...
  7. Y

    45 Gallon Bow Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

    Hello everyone me and my fiancee have a currently 2 month old tank that is Tropical planted tank with Half Gravel and half Sand. In truth we actually have had this tank for 4 months, but the first month was a catastrophic failure. When we first got the tank we received with it "dirty gravel" to...
  8. C

    African Dwarf Frog Or Dwarf Puffer?

    I have a 5g tank and was wondering which to have? I have had 2 adf before and loved them! I have heard its a gallon per frog? Also if i have a puffer it will only have 1 in but they are so cool!! Which one shall i have???? Also if i have frogs how many? And what plants can i keep with frogs...
  9. NeonBlueLeon

    Wasabi, The Pea Puffer!

    Hello folks!   I'm super excited about my new dwarf puffer!  He's in a 5.5g (21L) tank that has some kind of vals (ID would be appreciated if possible ), a small bit of anubias nana perched on a piece of driftwood.   Without further adieu, I present Wasabi!         Oh, Hello!     The vals are...
  10. ech0o

    New To Fishkeeping, Out Here In Sunny Phoenix, Az!

    Hello everyone!!!!!  New to the forum, recently helped my girlfriends brother with some fishkeeping tasks, cleaning the tanks, learned a little about the process, and found myself quite intrigued.  I have never kept an aquarium before and found myself oddly gravitating towards the idea of...
  11. D

    Dwarf Puffers In Bad Shape

    I have/had 3 dwarf puffers in a nano aquarium. It has been set up for over a month now but i recently returned from holiday to find the tank covered in algae and the nitrite measuring 0.5!! I quickly did about a 50% water change and scrubbed off all the algae to find it was still high so on...