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  1. Space Ninja

    Dojo Loach

    And this is my Dojo Loach, Noodle. I think he must be fully blind as he sails around the tank with no clear objective. He has no problem at all finding food and is very active and curious.
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    I don't know what else to do - my Dojo are dying.

    About 6 weeks ago I finally got around to filling and cycling my new 90 gallon acrylic tank. By adding bacteria to the cycling process it took about 3 weeks off the time it normally takes, but this is a big aquarium. I followed the instructions on this forum and after I got to a point where...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Looking for large beds for my loach

    My Loach sleep half the day and are maniacs the other half. they usually plop themsellves on some flat slate rock to rest - rather on the sand for some reason. They are DoJo which are pretty much scaleless fish that grow up to two feet long. My longest is 15" at age 1 1/2. The slate, sand or...
  4. Jan Cavalieri

    How many different kind of Dojo loaches are there?

    Right now I have one 30 gallon tank and one 50 gallon tanks each with three golden Dojo loaches in them. At one time I had 4 tanks but have slowly downsized because the maintenance was killing me. I used to have 7 - so in over a year I've only lost one loach. They appear to be very hardy...
  5. D

    My Weather Loach is sick

    Hi can anyone please help me !? Yesterday morning I found my weather loach laying on his side, initially I though he died but then when I touched him he went crazy across the tank moving his head one way whilst swimming upside down . I am on my second day now and he has been removed from the...
  6. B

    How big is your Golden Dojo Loach?

    I’ve read that golden weather(dojo) loaches grow quickly in their first years of life. I’ve had mine in a 75 gallon since May and he’s(I think it’s a male) grown 5 inches in the past six months! The “max” length on them is 6”, yet mine is nearly 8” now. I don’t really want to get a 125 gallon...
  7. M

    Help stocking 60gal with dojo

    Hi, I am still fairly new to the fishkeeping hobby. (And new to this forum) I wasn't very smart at all when I first got into it and purchased a Golden Dojo Loach with only the information the store gave me in a small conversation. This Dojo has become my favorite pet very quickly, and I recently...
  8. simonero

    Golden Dojo.. Please help with conflicting care information

    Hi! I recently bought 2 juvenile golden dojo loaches. I'd identified them as tank-compatible in the past, but hadn't done much recent research and had to decide about the purchase on the spot. Now, for 2 things in particular, the internet seems to contain contradictory and even opposite...
  9. K

    I Need Help, Sick Weather Loach (Pictures!)

    Hi everyone, first of all I'd like to apologize because I don't know some proper terms, english is not my mother tongue. I would really appreciate if someone would give my advice, my loach is letargic and has white "smears" on his back. The disease seems to also have attacked his gills because...
  10. LovelyLoaches

    Gold Dojo Loaches. Boys Or Girl?

    I have three gold dojo loaches but I don't know their gender. Two are younger and one is pretty big. How can I tell of they are boys or girl?
  11. N

    Very Sick Weather Loach!

    Help!   My 9 year old weather loach is incredibly swollen and ill looking. He has slowly been getting more swollen for about two weeks now (I call him a he but have no evidence to base this on!) which I originally put down to my partner enjoying hand feeding them a little too much which...