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  1. sharkydog

    Dead Fish In The Tanks At The Lfs - Safe?

    Okay so this is something I have always wondered... Today I was looking at my LFS just to see what they had. I noticed that they had white clouds, and there were probably 10 throughout the bottom of the tank, dead (this was probably like a 5 gallon tank). There were another 5-7 that were dead...
  2. R

    Is It Ok For Mystery Snails To Eat Dead Fish?

    So I've had a tank for a while now and we first had buenos arias tetras, lamp eyed tetras, a black mystery snail, an ivory mystery snail, and two golden algae eaters. Two weeks ago, I got a mix of about 10 cardinal and neon tetras from a couple stores along with 3 guppies (one tuxedo). The...
  3. CoryLover95

    Dead Catfish

    Hi, This morning I found an albino cory catfish dead with no apparent reason.  He was up near the heater, so burning is the first thing that comes to my mind?  My Mystery Snail completely consumed him as soon as I discovered his body.  Details below:   Tank size: 37 gallons pH: 7.6 ammonia: 0...
  4. jerseybabi609

    Dead Glofish After Partial Water Change

    Hi, I am fairly new to the aquarium hobby. I have a 10 gallon tank thats been up and running for about two months now and everything seem to be ok until my last partial water change. In the tank I had 5 glofish,2 albino corys, 2 delta guppies, ghost shrimp, baby snails, and 2 glowlights that was...
  5. RCA

    Is This For Real? Fish Coming Back To Life...

    Check out this VIDEO not sure if they had "doped" it somehow or this really happened?   Thoughts?
  6. CANicholls

    Yamato Shrimp - Something Killing Them

    Hi   I set up my tank 6 months ago and recently had trouble with soaring nitrate levels.  Lost a few fish and have now managed to sort water.  Nitrate level is now 40 but it comes from the tap at a level between 20 and 40.   All fish are now fine and water is clear.  However one of the fish I...
  7. CANicholls

    Yellow/cloudy Water And Dead Fish

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to tropical fish. Reason for post: 3 dead fish in so many weeks. I have a 60 ltr tropical tank (15 US gallons) with heater and Elite 10 Stringray pump. Tank is planted and has gravel. Started in August 2012. Cycled tank for 2 weeks before introducing fish...
  8. W

    Black Ghost Knifish Died

    Hi, this is my first post to this forum and I was wondering why my black ghost knife fish died. I started a tank about two month ago, and got the knife fish one month ago. It is a 55 gallon tank with one filter, a heater set to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, two tank lights with covers, and an automatic...
  9. C

    Dead Fish-novice Owner!

    I bought a complete fish tank ensemble 3 weeks ago, treated the water as instructed by the pet shop and left for a week before introducing fish. I bought 5 neon tetras and was planning to buy more 2 weeks later. Today i found 3 fish trapped around the bottom of the filter and another missing-...