dalmatian molly

  1. Sabersthefox

    A few questions about issues that might arise

    So I am a beginner, and I have a 22 gallon tank with 4 dalmatian mollies and a gold mystery snail. I have a few questions 1. what do I do if my ammonia spikes? 2. what do I do with unwanted fish? (too much breeding) 3. What do I do to get ph to 7.5 - 8.5?
  2. K

    What's up with my molly?

    Can anyone suggest what might be up with my dalmatian molly? She has been lying down here like this pretty much all day. Did come up to feed. Other fish in tank fine. Water parameters normal.
  3. D

    Pregnant Dalmatian & panda molly?

    Also I have a female Dalmatian molly showing strange tank behavior. She will settle at the rocks and pretty much let the water push her around. Any thoughts?
  4. Medusa313


    I’ve had my all black molly since about may 2019... and I’ve had other mollies and guppies(I have two tanks). But some of the previous group didn’t make it. Anyways back to my point, my black molly is male while my two newer Dalmatian mollies are female. One has more spots than the other(so she...
  5. G

    Why is my molly gasping for air?

    Only ONE of my mollies is gasping for air. She likes to stay at the surface and basically act as a “vacuum.” Is this just her personality? None of my other fish do this, just her. There is plenty of aeration and you can even see little bubbles floating up to the surface all over the tank.
  6. R


    i have a 20 gallon tank with 7 Mollies - 1 male, 4 female, 2 babies. I have been trying for a long time to get my tank up to a better condition. For the last month or so. One of my Mollies, Ryder, has been having patches of raised scales in certain places. At first the fish store said it was...
  7. misshedge

    Please help! (molly appetite/lethargy)

    Hello. I've posted about Dipstick before, when she was pregnant (unfortunately, all fry were eaten.... but that's not the topic here). Dipstick is a dalmatian molly, and I've had her for about.. 6-7 months? She's been doing fine until about a week ago. She's not eating and hasn't been.. she...
  8. A

    Molly Fish Motionless At Surface

      Dear friends,   The day before yesterday I bought 3 dalmatian mollies for my tank. I noticed that sometimes my mollies (one in particular) move to the surface, where they just 'float'. He won't move and he won't eat. When opening the lid, the one molly I'm worried about will move and swim...
  9. S

    Red Wag Platy Or Dalmatian Molly Fry? (Pic)

    My tank has two types of fish in it, Red Wag Platy and Dalmatian Molly. I was cleaning my tank today and as I was replacing the water I noticed a tiny little fry hiding under one of my decorations. I had a hunch one of my Red Wag Platies were pregnant - if not two of them. I ran out to my LFS...