1. S

    New Tank - What Lighting Is Required?

    Hey, I've recently set up a new 120L - 30G tank I've had it been cycling now for awhile I have everything except the lights. I'm planning to have a corydoras tank with cardinals. I want a low lighting setup I've heard of the 1 watt per gallon rule. I'm still unsure of what lights to buy. I also...
  2. S

    Setting Up A New Cory Tank

    Hey,   I'm planning on setting up a cory tank in a Juwel Rio 240 it's 240 litres that's roughly 66 or so gallons for you Americans. I was thinking about going with black pool filter sand for the substrate. I'm curious to find out other peoples opinions on the best species to get and how many I...
  3. shack4L

    New 63L Tank Set Up

    Hi I'm Thomas 3 months ago I've started to work in a two PetShops in South London - UK Just couple days ago, did set up my first tank - never though like I will go into Aquatics... Of course I try to read and learn as much as possible.. but mistakes are done already. I have problem with Ph in...
  4. Moolly

    Corydoras Nearly Dead?!

    So I bought 4 new Corys (pretty sure the shop advertised them as Corydoras sp. columbia). And the past few days one in particular has been looking off - paler than normal, and noticeably smaller in size than the others. Yesterday when I looked in the tank it looked dead - was upside down on the...