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  1. I

    Inherited A 40 Gal Tank, Help A Newby Out :)

    I inherited a 40 galon tank, and I don't know much about fish care so please bear with me.     I've tried to come up with a list of everything that's in there as best I can, and looked up each type of fish on google but this may not be 100% accurate.   9 neon tetras 2 Gold Dojo Loach 2 mollies 2...
  2. Elrohirthehasty

    Best Schoolers/shoal-Ers

    Which (small, community) fish form the tightest, most coherent schools/shoals? Opinions? Experience?
  3. L

    "adopted" Some Fish...what Else Can I Get?

    Hello! I've recently adopted some fish from a relative who decided they no longer wanted their aquarium. Luckily, I had a 75 gallon just sitting here that I've wanted to set up again. They gave me the fish, some decorations, some plants, and a Magnum 350 filter. Score! :) These are the...
  4. SarahMarie

    What Fish Can Go In A 64 Litre Tank?

    I only have 2 platys in my tank at the moment and I'm wondering what other fish I would be able to put in without them fighting or overstocking the tank. I have a 64 litre tank, which I know is quite small but would still like to add a few extra fish. Any help would be great! Thanks
  5. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Journey V2

    Hey all,  Restarting the journal for my community tank as the pictures were absolutely useless lol   As this is my first planted tank, and really first community tank, all advice/criticism/feedback is strongly desired!   Here is the first pic, day 1. (This was about 3 weeks ago)     Needless...
  6. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Tank Journal (With Pics)

    Hey all, Going to start a journal for my community tank, starting from day 1 (a very dirty, in poor condition tank) to finished product (hopefully something a bit better than day 1 )   By the end I'd love to have a really cool looking before/after pic, but along the way I'll try to put as many...
  7. Robbo89

    Will My Planned Community Tank Work ?

    Hey, I have followed every guide to effectively fish-less cycle an aquarium I think exists on the interwebs, and am now about a week off from adding my fish (provided all goes to plan).  My current plan is to include into my heavily planted 25 gallon tank: 6 Zebra Danio, 8 Black Widow/Phantom...
  8. H

    All Guppies In Community Tank Are Dying

    I have a community fish tank that has been fine for awhile, I recently bought some new fish from the pet shop, which I think introduced something into my tank. All of my guppies are dying, they are the only type of fish to be affected, the bettas, tetras, loaches and catfish etc are unaffected...
  9. LicianDragon

    Organic Material Clouding Up My Tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tropical community planted tank. It's planted with eco-complete substrate. I also add co2 booster from API daily. Ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0, nitrate is about 5ppm. The tank has been set up for about 5 months now but has always had an issue of organic material floating around...
  10. Colonials66

    More Than One Angel?

    After looking online and speaking to staff at the LFS I'm getting contrasting opinions on whether more than one angel can be kept safely in a community tank. I love the look of my angel at the moment and would like to add another into the mix, but don't want to if they are going to constantly...
  11. Colonials66

    Looking For Something A Little Different

    Hi,   I currently have a 240l tropical community tank, with  the usual community fish like guppies, swordtails, corys, X-ray tetras, dwarf guorami's, RTS and an angel. I'm currently about 80% stocked. But I'm looking for a new addition but want something a little different, so no endlers or...
  12. Brahmza

    55G Community - What To Add?

    I have a 55g tank stocked with 4 pearl gouramis, 10 tiger barbs, 2 pairs of German Blue Rams, 8 bloodfin tetras, a common pleco and 6 green Corys. The tank is looking a bit empty, I have a lot of plant cover and structure, temp is at 80, pH of 7. Water is quite soft. Curious what kinds of fish I...
  13. Brahmza

    A Better Diet For My Fish?

    I have a 55g tank stocked with tinfoil barbs, tiger barbs, german blue rams, zebra danios, dwarf gouramis and a pleco. So far I've only been feeding them flake and pellet foods, and I'm looking to feed my fish a more well-rounded diet. Any suggestions on foods I could feed these fish...
  14. Brahmza

    Stocking My Community Tank

    I'm semi-new to fish keeping, but I'm looking to make some changes to my tank and want to make sure everything will work out beforehand. I have a 55g tank at 80 degrees stocked with 3 4" Tinfoil barbs, 10 tiger barbs, 8 zebra danios, 2 German blue rams, 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 green Cory, 1 sterbai...
  15. Loveridge01

    Adding Suitable Community Fish To My Tank

    Good Morning All, I as you can probably tell am new here; I am also relatively new to forums I have had my tank for a few years now and have recently began to fix and upgrade everything I can Added a handful of new plants and some silks for backing plants I have a 24 gallon tank and at present I...
  16. M

    First-time Tank Idea

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum. Just bought a ten gallon tank and wanted to pose my stocking idea and get some feedback. In your opinion/experience, should it work? Should I add/replace/remove anything? I understand of course that there are no black and white answers, and each individual fish...
  17. Brahmza

    German Blue Rams?

    I just transitioned from a 20g tank to a 55g tank. I was curious if I would be able to put a pair or two of German Blue Rams or even Gold Rams. My current setup consists of: 3 Tinfoil barbs, 5 Tiger barbs, 1 BN Pleco, 1 spotted cory, 2 dwarf gouramis and a mix of leopard/longfin danios. The...
  18. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Age Unknown but happy and healthy Quantity for sale: 2 (1 male 1 female) Reason for Sale: Going back to Geo's Delivery or Collection: Collection only, although will deliver for cost of fuel within reasonable distance. Sales price: £20 for the pair...