cold water fish

  1. Eziofezio

    Eziofezio thanks you for being accepted.

    Hiya! Hope I shall be communicating with many of you shortly, I have 2 tanks and a pond; the 4gallon soon to be 12 has 2 endlers, a few shrimp and snails. My 26 gallon has 8 Neón tetra, 5 rummy nose tetra, 5 mollies, 2 Mexican dwarf lobsters, plenty of snails and 2 platty. Instead my outdoors...
  2. D

    My Weather Loach is sick

    Hi can anyone please help me !? Yesterday morning I found my weather loach laying on his side, initially I though he died but then when I touched him he went crazy across the tank moving his head one way whilst swimming upside down . I am on my second day now and he has been removed from the...
  3. Inkweaver313

    Suggestions for treating popeye?

    Hi guys! I recently rescued a black Moore goldfish a friend of mine was keeping in a fish bowl. They had him for about a year before asking if I’d take him. By the time I got him he had a pretty nasty case of popeye and some pretty obvious signs of ich. I now have him alone in a 30 gallon...
  4. Z

    What Is The Name Of This Fish?

    Hi guys i am new to the fish keeping world.. i purchased a couple of these fish at my local garden and leisure centre but nobody there had any idea what they were called! stupidly i got them anyway because i liked the look of them. Now im trying to find out what they are called so i can find out...