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  1. P

    Major Water Clarity Problem

    Recently I've been having a huge issue with the clarity of my tank's water. I have a semi-planted tank with 5 different plants in it. I did a normal water change about a week ago and suddenly the tank is extremely cloudy. It was completely clear before. I've used a water clarifier and it hasn't...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Lost 6 fish today and don't know why

    The fish lost were all my genetically engineered colored Tetras. Love the colors. Anyway - my assistant was gone this week due to illness so I had to do 70-80% water changes on both my tanks (one is 50 gallon, the problem one is 29 gallon) - If I haven't mentioned before I'm disabled and on...
  3. arielsworld17974

    Cloudy Fish Tank, Again!

    Just recently got a new fish tank. I've had it for about 2 weeks now. At first after a couple of days the water went really cloudy. So I started adding stability and it cleared up really fast. Was clear for about a week and now it's cloudy again! Could it be that I've added new food? Went from...
  4. T

    Bacterial Bloom ?

    Hi all,    I am having an absolute nightmare of a time with my 28ltr aquastart !! im a beginner having the tank for only 1 year. Up until last month the tank has just went totally cloudy and is very unsightly as you can imagine . The tank only holds 4 neon tetras, 1 male dawrf gourami and 1...
  5. ikiera

    New Tank, Bacterial Bloom, Help A Newbie!

    Hi there, just a couple of questions from a newbie to the pros! I've always loved aquariums.. my gramp had two huge ones with all sorts in when I was a kid. I wasnt very brave, not being knowledgable, and I bought an aquaone 28l tank, solely for a betta once its cycled. It has a filter and a...