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  1. V

    How do you take fish out without putting water in tank?

    I've seen in discussion that you shouldn't add store water to the tank when putting in new fish. I get it, but how would you do that? The net is too big to fit in the bag to only scoop the fish out. I don't understand how you would get the fish out without adding the water they come with. I'd...
  2. onefieshcedrick

    Think I Spooked my Betta with A New Net

    Beginner betta keeper here- I replaced my dip net today with a different model after it broke with this one. However, my betta's kind of scared of it and swims away in a panic every time I put the net in the tank. In addition, I struggle to get him out of it into a different container while I...
  3. woody0687

    Whats The Easiest Way To Catch 5 Serpae's

    I have 5 Serpaes that i need to get out of my tank. These went in through bad advice.   i have a fluval edge 46L so access is not the best.    I need an easy(ish) way of removing them without disrupting all the plants etc and causing a stir.   Any tips?   Cheers   Anthony