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  1. Nells250

    Anyone have experience with Cardinal Plants?

    HI folks I was browsing the various aquatic plant seller websites and was surprised to see Cardinal Flower (lobelia) listed for sale as an aquarium plant. (I have tried to grow the garden variety for a few years now, with limited results) Does anyone know if the two varieties are actually the...
  2. D

    Cardinals hiding?!

    Hi, I have a new tank with Cardinal Tetra's. They seem very happy, playful and feed well. However, when it comes to water changes it becomes an absolute disaster. A few of them decide to bury themselves in the media and get stuck. On this occasion I had no choice but to remove them all from the...
  3. D

    RO Water in tank

    Hi all, Finally cycled my tank! Took about 5 weeks but I'm now there. Water in my area is very hard. Details follow: 113 mg/l as calcium 19.755 Clarke 15.82 German I can purchase RO water from my LFS. What ratio tap water to RO water should I use if I want to keep Cardinal Tetra. I also need...
  4. D

    Stocking a 35 litre (8 gallon) Biorb Tube tank

    Hi guys, Completely new to the hobby so please forgive me for my naivety. Bought a Biorb Tube 35 litre over the weekend. Having read the reviews I can see they aren't the best tank but wanted to start small. I've set up the tank, added a heater and now letting it cycle. With regard to...
  5. AquaPit

    Anyone With Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps Experience?

    Hi I am having this thought of keeping Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps.. Read a bit about them but I hope someone here have some experience keeping them.. Need some advice on keeping Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps.. Water parameters, type of substrate, pH levels, etc.. TIA
  6. E

    Cardinal Tetra Has Become Deformed

    Hi Can someone please help me. I have one cardinal tetra in the shoal that has suddenly become deformed. It has a weird shaped body and has developed what looks like a lump under its mouth. It's tail is also looking very thin
  7. K

    Hey! New Here And Ready To Talk Fish

    Hi!   I just joined this fun forum. I am not a complete new person to fish as I have worked with fish a lot in my life. However I wouldn't call myself a professional. Anyways, I am excited to get back into the hobby at my new place.    I am working on trying to get a 20 gallon tank (the one I...
  8. LicianDragon

    Cardinal Plant And Banana Plant Not Doing Well?

    I have a 20gal planted community tank. I use two 18watt flouri-glo lightbulbs and eco-complete substrate. All plants are doing fine except my cardinal and banana plant. The cardinal plant has spots of discoloration, like the leaves have been damaged. The banana plant's leaves constantly wilt and...
  9. eaglesaquarium

    South American Biotype Tank - Stocking Choices

    So, a friend of mine and I are setting up a South American biotype tank at school, and we have narrowed our selections down to this: 20 or so bloodfin/rummynose tetras 20 or so cardinal/neon tetras 12-15 trilineatus corydoras 1-2 bristlenose pleco We have a 110 US Gallon tank, with plenty...