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  1. Uberhoust

    Are Canister Filters Worth the Cost if Your Prime Goal is Quiet

    I have used HOB filters for almost every aquarium I have ever setup. I started with the Dynaflows then moved to the Aquaclears. Functionally I really like the Aquaclears because they are essentially a large box that I put whatever media I want in them. I am sure that other manufactures have...
  2. C

    Emergency: Canister Filter Leaking from Water Inlet

    Hi, I urgently need help with my canister filter (up aqua aex 450): the filter is leaking. The leak only occurred where the water goes into the filter (where the water goes into the canister). There are no leaks anywhere else. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Over the back or canister filter?

    Due to brown, green and all other colors of algae my AquaClear filters are constantly clogging (roughly every 2-4 hours and it gets noisy) Would investing in an external canister make a difference? Would it work better, make less noise, have to be cleaned less often than daily, help with the...
  4. A

    Eheim 2217

    Ok so my experience is the worse with my 2217 eheim classic lets hope u guys help me fix it. So my problem is that it keeps sucking air in the intake hose and thus hindering its working capacity. If thay air gpt in the canister it becomes loud and unbearable. What i do i get the suction bulb in...
  5. hudsona85

    Best Media For Canister

    Alright! Well after trying to find a good spot to put this subject into a forum, I found this one to be the closest I can get. I have a 75 gallon FW tank planned to set up with a Penn Plax 1500 canister filter system...
  6. C

    Please Help Filstar Canister Leaking!

    Please help!  I purchased an API Filstar XPL canister filter second hand.  It is leaking from the little slots along the lid.  Please advise!!
  7. Barb-barian

    Canister Maintenance

    i was wondering if anyone had any good tips about canister maintenance.  Im thinking i should alternate what media i change out to keep that good bacteria around and my LFS suggested i change the O ring on it.  Thats about as far as i could find.  Any and all tips n tricks that you can think of...
  8. W

    Eheim 2217 For A 4ft Tank

    Hey all just want your opinion on an eheim 2217 canister filter for a 4ft tank? will it be any good? is the canister good? will 1 be enough for the tank or is there any other products that is around the $200 mark Thanks all :D