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  1. MagicGirl33

    Adding to an additional Pleco to a Tank?

    I have a 32.5 gallon fluval flex tank with a built in filter and I have a clown pleco with a school of 10 neon tetras and a mystery snail. I wanted to add another pleco, specifically a bristlenose pleco, or any other pleco that works but I was wondering if that would work? I'm pretty sure they...
  2. JamieTYV

    What is this on my BN Pleco?

    Hi, So I recently noticed some white cotton-ish growth on my male BN, around his gills - started on only one side and then quickly became evident on the other side too. I immediately took some photos and went to my LFS who suggested its probably a fungus (i suspected this!). I purchased some...
  3. Curiosity101

    Several Community Fish Free To Good Homes - Nottingham

    Livestock: Harlequin Rasbora Quantity for sale: 5 Reason for Sale: Shutting down tank Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Free, just let me know what tank they'll be placed in and what other tank mates they will have Postage & Packaging: n/a Location: Nottingham   Livestock: Male...
  4. S

    Bristlenose Eggs - Are They In Danger?

    One of my male BN is harbouring his eggs in his cave I'm just curious whether I should move them. They're in a tank with about 12 corys 6 peppered 6 Julii and about 8 or so other BN 6 female 2 male and 8 rummynoses.    - Thanks Smelliot