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  1. G

    Slimy stuff

    I'm doing a fishless cycle of a dirted tank. The filter is cycled and has been going for over a year. Since I set up the tank more of this slimy tendrily stuff has appeared. On closer inspection under the microscope it turned out to be bacteria and infusoria. Anyone knows about this?
  2. simonero

    Green Water & Red "debris". Help Me, Please!

    I have been trying to resolve a terrible tank crash for several days now.  Nothing I've done seems to help at all.     **What is happening: within 2-3 days after a partial (~10gal) water change my water went from pH 6.2, kH 1, ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0 ... to pH 6.6, kH 1, ammonia 1-2, nitrite...
  3. FB333

    Okay.. What Is This..?

    Hi all,   I have been performing a fishless cycle on my 25l tank now for 5 days.   Here is the thread covering it, to date, with all water levels and details etc etc.    In a nutshell:   Added a 1/2 dose of tetra safestart then added 3ppm  of ammonia.   The following day the ammonia level was...
  4. T

    Bacterial Bloom ?

    Hi all,    I am having an absolute nightmare of a time with my 28ltr aquastart !! im a beginner having the tank for only 1 year. Up until last month the tank has just went totally cloudy and is very unsightly as you can imagine . The tank only holds 4 neon tetras, 1 male dawrf gourami and 1...