black molly

  1. C

    Is okay to keep a single male Black Molly?

    Well planted and cycled. 20 gallon. Current residents: 5 peaceful Cherry barbs, 2 gentle honey gouramis and 3 cutest amano shrimps. :) Would a single black molly be happy here? Always loved this gorgeous fish but I do not have space for more or their future gens.. hence the question. In the...
  2. pjwilford

    Pregnant Molly!

    Beautiful black molly. Brought home not too long ago. How long do you think this mommy-to-be has left until she meets her babes?? Hard to tell on the black mollies. Sorry about the quality of the pic. Maybe I can get a better one...
  3. L

    Cory catfish chasing Molly

    Hi, I’m new to this forum this is my first thread so I’m sorry if I’m doing this wrong, hopefully you guys can help and I’ll learn along the way. Anyways, I recently noticed my peppered Cory cat chasing around the largest fish in my tank which is my female black molly. It doesn’t seem to be...
  4. N

    What is wrong with my black mollie?

    Ive had him for a few months. His original companion unexpectedly died over over a month ago and shortly after we got him 3 black mollie tank mates. Ever since hes looked incredibly small almost like hes shrinking. I know thats not the case, maybe its because the mew mollies are so much bigger...
  5. Rakib

    what are signs of a Black Molly in labor?

    Signs please!
  6. A

    Is my molly pregnant?

    I have two black mollies and one seems have bigger stomach. Not sure whether it's pregnant or over fed. It has white spot on the stomach but swims as fast as the other one. It also has a fin just above the anus and two small fins on the sides. I am not even sure whether it's a female. Should I...
  7. H

    Black Molly With White Fuzz

    Hey guys. I have a black molly that has always been prone to white marks around his mouth and fins, and now things have taken a turn for the worse it seems. The white spots seemed to clear up once I got his tank into a warmer environment with better water supply a couple months ago. At the...
  8. lindaf92485

    Preggo Black Molly?

    I have a black molly that i think is pregnant. other fish mates include 2 columbian tetras 2 bleeding hearts 2 ruby sharks 1 large (and mean) angelfish 1 other black molly 1 sucker fish 30 gal tank there is plenty of fake plants and a log that she is content to hide in and call her own. she is...