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  1. R

    Possible pregnant swordtail

    Hi I’m new to fish keeping and I’m thinking one of my swordtail are pregnant? I’m wondering if anyone could confirm this and possible know roughly how long it will be until she has fry? Thanks in advance:)
  2. E

    Is my pregnant guppy about to give birth?

    I have had this female guppy for about 2 weeks and she's been pregnant since day 1. I just separated her into a birthing container but am unsure if she's actually about to give birth soon. Her belly seems to have that "shape" I've read about and her gravid spot has gotten very big over the last...
  3. H

    Molly died giving birth?

    My molly looked pregnant and like she was going to give birth this morning (she appeared to be crowning - I guess?). When I came back a few hours later she still looked like she was crowning and she also had what looked like a wound the front of her abdomen with something stringy coming out. She...
  4. A


    EDIT!!!! Update!!!! MOLLY HAD BABIES ABOUT 3 HOURS AFTER POSTED. HERES PICS. My molly is pregnant and about to pop I just don’t know what I’m doing and need help lol. Here she is. Idk how long she’s been pregnant all I know is she’s about to give birth maybe. The male is freaking out hanging...
  5. brokenoob!

    Molly not giving Birth after 5.5 weeks?

    Hey everybody! I've had my Molly Pearl for a while now, she gave birth to her first brood (with me anyways) about 2 months ago, delivery was quick and she returned to being a happy little fish! 2-3 Weeks after the first pregnancy I noticed she was getting bigger again--That was 5 1/2 weeks ago...
  6. B

    Please help! Platy will not give birth!

    Hello, I have had this mickey mouse platy for over a month and I bought her pregnant from the pet store (unbeknownst to me at the time). My roommate and I REALLY noticed how pregnant she looked Monday of last week. We have since went out and bought another 10 gallon tank to keep her in until...
  7. N

    My Molly is very pregnant but hasn't given birth, is there any way to induce labor?

    my molly has not given birth yet but she has the gravid spot and has boxed out, sh has nesting habits, and gets the shakes, yet still no fry. I'm worried something may be wrong. Is there any way to induce labor?
  8. O

    When will my guppy give birth? (Pictures)

    Hi, I'm new to keeping guppies and I'm wondering roughly how long it'll be until my guppy gives birth? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance
  9. K

    Fancy Guppy Eggs?

    We have a fancy guppy who we believed to be pregnant. We just moved her into her own tank a few days ago so our other fish wouldn't eat all the fry, and last night she looked like she was in labor. However, when we came down this morning, there were bubble/egg like balls floating on the top of...
  10. N

    HELP! Is my platy pregnant??

    I am new to this hobby and I need to know if my platy is pregnant as I will need to get the proper equipment! Thanks so much
  11. L

    Molly Stopped Labor

    Yesterday I picked up 5 new Molly. When I got home I was looking them over and realized that the reason the dalmation was hiding at the store was because she was in labor! (She didnt even look pregnant) She had the very tip of a tail coming out and you could tell when she was pushing. I...
  12. P

    Black Female Guppy Birth?

    Hey,   So I'm not exactly new to guppies and their breeding, I used to keep them as a child and I currently breed swordtails and platys, though my brother has recently gotten 5 guppies, and all has gone well, they have settled in and now I've realised that one of the three females is very...
  13. 3

    Is My Platy Pregnant

    I purchased a platy yesterday and was wondering if it was pregnant. Thanks in advanced
  14. M

    Panicking - Platy Just Gave Birth...

    Ok, platy just gave birth in community tank. I saw 3 fry - could be more that I didn't see. Then the platy kinda put herself into one of the plants, shook a few times and stopped moving. That was an hour ago. Now she's floating nose down but upside down in one spot-not moving her fins or...
  15. P

    How Do I Know When It's Time For My Platy To Give Birth?

    just a couple questions about my pregnant platy, and again it's my first time with pregnant fish! i keep hearing the ways to tell like they'll be squared off like this kinda \__/ and they'll get the gravid spot but it's still not really easy for a first timer to identify those things, can anyone...
  16. mrstwalker

    Help Help Help!

    So I posted earlier about my pregnant platy, well.. I decided to do a major water change tonight to prepare for the new little ones. As I was removing plants from the tank, what I thought was waste, started moving!! It was fry! I ended up scooping out 5 into the breeder box I have but I didnt...
  17. J

    When Will Guppy Give Birth!

    Hi there,    I bought a female guppy about 4 weeks ago and she was preggers from the day she came home. Sheis now huge (ill show pic) and I am getting very anxious on the arrival of the fry. She just got her boxy look last night and is pooping sort of this hair like white stuff, is this normal...
  18. L

    Pregnant Platy Questions

    I noticed a few days ago that my sunburst platy was pregnant. I've never dealt with this before but I did a lot of online research and made sure of it. I bought a breeder box and tried to figure out the best time to put her in, and I read a lot of the forums on here about it as well, but it's...
  19. D

    Platy Still Looks Pregnant

    My Mickey Mouse platy still looks pregnant after giving birth 2 days ago. I don't know how many she had but I've seen 3 so far that we're hiding. Do you think she will drop again within the next couple of days?
  20. M

    Sunset Fire Platy Pregnant?

    Hello everyone, I currently have a tank with two sunset fire platy's and two angelfish. One of the platy's seems to have a big bulge in its stomach compared to the other one. They are both females but had been in a tank with other males before being moved into this one. I am begining to think...