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  1. FishionistaB

    Hi all! 65gallon tropical

    Hello all! I’m excited to be here. I have some experience with basic tanks in the past; betas, guppies, mollies, etc in 40gal or smaller. Nothing this big or beautiful until now. Most recently I deactivated my Facebook account and decided to go all out with a brand new 65gallon deep set up...
  2. F

    New To Plants, Want Advice

    I'm new to plants, (other than moss/moss balls) and I am adding a java fern and an Anubis (which comes pre rooted to a piece of driftwood,) and java moss and wanted some advice on how to make sure the plants thrive I a new environment, and how to get the java fern to root in my gravel substrate...
  3. KayBray


    I bought a large Anubis plant from Petco the other day. I already have a baby Anubis. There were two separate plants -- one that looks like Anubis and the other looks completely different. Are they both a type of Anubis or did I get two different species?
  4. thrujenseyes

    A Heartfelt Thank You To Everyone Here And Some Pics Of The Babies&#33

    I would like to thank all the awesome members that have helped me get back into the hobby that I so loved years ago.   I was able to cycle my little tank (fishless) in 18 days and it looks amazing.   It's now home to 5 adorable little endler guppies that are so insanely active and colorful that...
  5. tmoney7

    Anubis Is Dying

    I have some anubis plants in my 10 gal with some cherry shrimp and most of my plants are doing fine but one of them has a leaf that is wilting and turning kind of yellow and another one has black spot all over it as though its just dying.  Anyone know what could be causing this my pH is kept at...
  6. tmoney

    Am I Overstocking?

    I was planning on restocking my tank and i have a ten gallon tank.  I have a common pleco in there right now and i know that my tank is way to small figured that out after i got it.  I plan on getting 6 harlequins and 4 neon tetras i also plan on getting some anubis plants probably only one...