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  1. A

    can I see your substrate?

    Out of interest, can I see the amount of substrate you put in your tank? Thank you :)
  2. G

    Will this be to many fish?

    I've got a 50 gallon tank, it's length is 40 Inches, Width is 15 Inches and height is 20 Inches. I've had the tank for over a Month now I've currently got: 6 Black Skirt Tetras 6 Emperor Tetras 8 Neon Tetras 5 Zebra Danios I want to add these fish to the tank: 2-3 Neon Tetras 6 Diamond Tetras...
  3. Cameronb_01

    Discus Egg Percentage-Yield

    Hi Guys, My discus recently spawned, (around three days ago). This time round, when I came to the tank and saw that the eggs had been laid, I covered the spawning cone with a makeshift cone-guard made from gutter-mesh. I also added a half dose of myxazin to the tank to try and get as many of...
  4. Kabernick30

    How Many Cories Is Enough?

    I know to have a balanced tank, you want to distribute top, middle and bottom swimmers and not overcrowd but cories stick to the bottom of the tank so would it matter whether you only had 2-3 or a big school like 6-7 since they dominate the tank floor and wouldnt cause overcrowding because they...
  5. G

    How Many Cichlids

    I Was Thinking Of Getting A 120L Tank, And I Was Wondering What Type Of Cichlids Am I Able To To Put In And How Many Well, these are the details for my fish tank: