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  1. AmyKieran

    Damage to hongi

    I have attached several photos to this thread of the damage to my hongi. I have a African cichlid tank and I’m finding that my red jewel is picking on the red top hongi. I have noticed some damage to the scales on the side of the fish. Any advice to this?
  2. AmyKieran

    Is my fish pregnant!?

    I have an African cichlid tank with about 40 African cichlids in. My recently bought ruti island cichlid seems pregnant (large jaw as if holding eggs). I have attached images. Could anyone please tell me if it is or not? Also I have posted in emergencies just in case I need to quickly remove...
  3. J

    Mixing Cichlids

    I currently have a community tank with a Golden sevrum around 3-4”, I am wanting to change to an African Cichlid tank. How would the sevrum be along with Malawi cichlid ?
  4. Inkweaver313

    Extremely sick African Cichlid

    Hi. I have an African cichlid in quarantine that has a weird lesion on his head. I’ve been treating him with an antibiotic, some aquarium salt, and doing 50% water changes a day. there is no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrates in the take because of this. the last two days this fish refused to...
  5. C

    Cichlid question

    This question has been answered now. I am now aware of the negative outlook on cross breeding cichlids.
  6. H

    African Cichlid Shedding?

    Hello everyone, I brought home two African Cichilds yesterday. I don't know the exact tank parameters, but the water was tested at the store and they told me everything was great for adding new fish. The fish are exploring and eating normally, but I noticed some white matter in the tank that...
  7. F

    African Cichlid Tank - 10 Gallon?

    Anyone here have experience keeping African cichlids in a 10 gallon? I know it is often suggested to slightly overstock African cichlid tanks to disperse aggression. How many specimens would be a good number for my 10 gal? (I'll make sure there are plenty of nooks, crannies, and caves provided...
  8. C

    African Cichlid 195G, 750L Tank, Please help me Stock witch Suggestions

    I've gotten a new 200 gallon tank (heating, lighting, filtration, decor, the whole shebang); once it's cycled, I'd like to make it an African Cichlid community tank. Does anybody have any ideas for a good combination of African cichlids? "I´d love very bright and vibrant colors :) And how many...
  9. J

    Should I Replace the Aragonite in my 4 year old tank?

    Hi I've recently had an emergency in a relatively new 60 gallon tank of Africans. I have a 46 gallon acrylic tank that I set up about 4 years ago. It has about 40 lbs of fine aragonite sand. During the crisis in the 60 gal tank, I discovered my pH kit and the addition pH raising buffer were...
  10. E

    ID on African Cichlid please

    Have had her for almost a year now, not 100% sure of what kind she is though, would like to find her a mate.
  11. crunch7

    Identify Disease & Suggest Cure - Pseudotropus Acei

    Hi Everybody, I just came back from a 7 day holiday. While away i had added sera holiday food 2 pellets to my aquarium. Today after returning i have found that my pseudotropus acei has developed a rounded swelling near the mouth as highlighted in the picture. the fish is eating food and is...
  12. E

    Id For Cichlid

    I was trying to get an ID on this fish. I've done some digging and found a few different species that it could be since its not full grown yet. It is starting to get orange behind its gills and on top of its dorsal.
  13. S

    Lighting My 55 Gallon African Cichlid Tank

    I currently have a 55 gallon African cichlid tank and i am looking to get new bulbs for them. I don't know what I currently have in them. Unfortunately, they only hold a single florescent tube. At the moment I don't want to upgrade, so what would be the best bulb to replace the current ones with...
  14. Demeter32

    Tell Me About Your Hybrid Africans :)

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a bit of looking around on this site for some African cichlid hybrid experiences. From what I can see, there isn't a whole lot of posts about them. I would like to make a collection of known crosses that create interesting fish   SHOUT OUT TO ALL AFRICAN...
  15. Demeter32

    Former Newbie's African Cichlid Experience

    Brief history of how I got into keeping African: 17 year old me was observing the fish in the dreaded Walmart when I looked into the "Assorted Cichlids" tank and saw a lovely 2 inch white and black fish and a slightly smaller dark blue one. I knew what Africans were and all I had in my 20gal at...
  16. monahan95

    Good African Cichlid Books?

    Does anyone know any good books about african cichlids? Ideally I would like a book that contains all the different species from the 3 lakes but any book I've found of that nature costs a minimum of £150  Does anybody know of any good books that cost around £30?
  17. E

    Please Help! Need To Know What's Going On In My Tank!

    Hello everyone, I need help I have an african cichlid tank In that tank I have many different mbuna cichlids but the one I need help with are my 2 melanochromis chipokae one blue and one yellow the yellow one is turning a bluish brown and vibrates especially In Front of my yellow lab and the...