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40 gallon tank

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  1. F

    42 gallon stock help / zebra loach advice

    I’d like help stocking my tank as I’ve heard mixed things online and in pet stores about zebra loaches and a healthy bioload for my tank. I have a 160L / 42 US gallon tank measuring 100cm in length, 50cm high and 40cm wide with plants and driftwood. I have about 20 male guppies in with one...
  2. G

    Pink Zebra Danios with Rosy Barbs ?

    (Dont mind my bad English) I have 7 Rosy barbs in my 40gal tank who are 1.5 - 2.5 inches in sizes. They were living with a gourami(3 spot). The gourami have grown way too big so I've given her back to the fish store. I saw there some beautiful pink zebra danios and was very tempted to buy those...
  3. D

    2nd 40 gallon breeder

    I currently have 2 40 gallon breeders, one is recently set up with a few BA tetras but I’ve decided I’m going to leave adding fish to this one for a while, in my 2nd 40 gallon breeder I also have; 6 BA tetras 5 Albino Corys 1 young Male Firemouth Cichlid Is there anything else that I could add...
  4. D

    40 gallon pearl gourami

    Would a pearl gourami be fine with a small shoal of Buenos Aires tetra in a 40 gallon breeder?
  5. D

    Rainbow shark in a 40 gallon

    Would a rainbow shark be fine in a 40 gallon breeder, if so what else could I house it with and in what quantities?
  6. Jimbob1223

    Setting up my 40 gallon

    So I've got a few small tanks at the moment, nothing bigger than 20 gallons though, and I have decided after thinking for a long time that I want to get a 40 gallon and use it as a peaceful(ish) community tank. I just have a few questions regarding the tank equipment and stocking. 1. I have a...
  7. J

    40 gallon breeder tropical community tank stocking ideas

    I as of right now, have a 10 gallon aquarium with 10 neon tetras, 4 albino Cory cats, a betta, and a mystery snail. I am planning on moving them into a 40 gallon breeder ASAP and am looking for some ideas of other live stock to put in there. I am also looking for a better light to put on it as...
  8. K

    30-40 gallons fish tank

    I’m wanting to purchase a new 30-40 gallon tank, preferably longer rather than tall. What’s the best brand of tanks or the best 30-40 gallon that you have or have seen?? Help
  9. K

    30-40 gallon Fish tanks ??

    im wanting to purchase and new 30-40 gallon fish tank since I want to add more fish, and also have some fry that will be moved in there. What are the best 30-40 gallons out there or the best brands of fish tanks???
  10. W

    Semi Aggressive Stocking HELP

    Hello I have a 37 gallon freshwater tank ready to stock. My water is slightly soft and the tank dimensions are 30"L x 22-1/2"H x 12"W. My tank would be semi aggressive and I know I want... -7 Tiger barbs -3 of some kind of loach I would like a main attraction, very colorful and bigger. And I...
  11. T

    Planning On Starting A 40Gallon Planted Tank

    So I am planning on starting a 40-gallon freshwater planted tank come next December. I figured I would start researching it now so that I would be able to plan everything out (ie. plants, costs, hardware, substrate, etc.) I was wondering what substrates you guys would recommend or any good...