35 gallon

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  1. Circus

    I think I have a problem...

    The problem of constantly upgrading my tanks! I was just surfing Facebook and came across a 35 column hex...and put in a bid, which was accepted. So in a couple of hours, I will be picking it up. I will be putting all of the fish from my 15 column in there (ember tetra, pygmy cories, crowntail...
  2. ACVoss

    Baby Piranha Loves to Float near Filter

    I have 2 40 G filters on my 35 G Aquarium to provide extra water circulation and current for my little gaffer. He’s still very small but has eaten half of the goldfish I got him from my local LFS. I’m just curious if anyone else whose raised piranhas from a juvenile stage has experienced this...
  3. E

    Sick guppies? They are slowly dying

    Hello fellow aquarium fans! I have a little issue with my guppies. My 6 corydoras are totally fine tough. Since day 1 3 months ago, my guppies are dying slowly. They reproduce, give birth and then die. The last survivor of the first batch is now slowly fading away. His kids are fine, except for...
  4. L

    How Many Blue Rams In 35 Gallon, Breeding?

    Okay so I have a tall 35 gallon aquarium with two blue rams in there and a bristle nose, now all is good but I'm desperate for a breeding pair. How many can I buy for the tank I was thinking four and then if I get a breeding pair to remove some of the others. Also I really like the gold rams if...