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    Help On "pumping' Water Out

    Hmm, never even thought of that, because those submersible pumps seem to be much more common than the inline ones. Good idea.
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    Help On "pumping' Water Out

    Haven't been here in a while, but I'm looking for advice on a better way to do my weekly maintenance. Week after week I've been hauling 3.5 gallon buckets of water from my 55gal tank to a chair that I stand on, where I lift the buckets up over my head to dump them out a window. I have to do this...
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    Here's my 3 in a group shot.
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    Please Don't Be Hih

    It is real wood, but it's pretty soft. My guess is one of the rocks being the culprit.
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    Please Don't Be Hih

    That's exactly what I was thinking, because there was a piece of skin exactly the size of the wound in question hanging from the spot. I'm still trying to get a better pic.
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    Please Don't Be Hih

    I noticed this morning that my Oscar has a fairly small white spot on his head. There is also a small thing that looks like a scale hanging off by it. I'm not sure if he has HIH or if he just bumped his head chasing something or just swimming around. There is only the one spot and it isn't...
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    My Oscar Ate A Piece Of Gravel

    Mine will sometimes play with gravel in his mouth, but never actually swallow it.
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    Silver needle fish

    Here's a (bad) pic of mine. It will pretty much only eat live foods. But as it's already been said, you must keep their diets balanced and MAKE SURE YOUR FEEDERS ARE SAFE.
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    If You Could Open This......

    Love those Blue Loaches, i want some so bad. Beautiful fish!
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    My 55g

    Well, here it is. My 55 Gallon(fake plants)
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    10g Ideas Needed

    Hmm now I've gotta decide between the puffer tank or the tropical community. I'm actually leaning more towards the puffers at this point. I just wish they got a little bigger than an inch. Will they like a sand substrate? Off to get lunch, might stop by a pet store and see what they have for...
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    10g Ideas Needed

    Would there be anything else I could keep with the puffers? There are some cool loaches that I liked, like the Kuhli. I really don't know much about puffers, other than that they take out anything that they want to thats in their way. I wasn't sure if some bottom or top dwellers would be okay...
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    10g Ideas Needed

    It's funny you say that because I had been considering making it a puffer tank. But if I did that I could only have other puffers in there, right? I kind of wanted to have more of a variety, and I don't even know where I could my hands on one around here. I really don't have any regular "LFS's"...
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    10g Ideas Needed

    Ya, I was thinking they might be a little much. I was also considering one of the smaller pleco's.
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    Platys Attack!

    I'm really not totally sure about the disappearances, it seems strange for platys to completely consume the tetras, but you never know. The one inch of fish for every gallon is correct, but you definitely can't put a 10 inch in a 10 gallon tank. You might even be better off returning all of them...