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    Graphic Weird Fish Id

    3-3 1/2 what? inches feet meters? When you say ghost knife do you mean the narrow tail of the ghost knife or the fin on the belly?
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    Too Much Sand?

    mts snails are IMHO great. They stir your sand and help you figure out how much to feed. Also they are great scavengers which means that excess food doesn't just decompose on the substrate. There is a lot of debate about whether anaerobic gases are dangerous to fish. My opinion of the whole...
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    Where Does Bacteria Come From?

    I'm under the impression that it comes from the air. I'v heard some say it's in the water and that makes sense if you have well water but if you have city water then the chlorine levels should kill off any bacteria. I bet it's in the air.
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    Shout Box

    not to mention the massive amount of traffic on this site sometimes. I have a feeling that any conversation in a shoutbox would become overloaded with posts quickly.
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    Which Plants Will Attach Themselves To Rocks

    yeah I got some dwarf riccia on impulse buy at a fish auction. The auctioneer said attaches to rock and I got all excited. It doesn't you have to tie it down and then retie it when it get's too big. Very pretty stuff but in my humble opinion it is a PITA.
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    Which Plants Will Attach Themselves To Rocks

    java fern and java moss are the two I have tried. Anyone got any other suggestions?
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    Dwarf Gourami

    i believe you are suppose to have twice as many females as males...keeps down agression. Sorry I can't help you find them. I'd ask a lfs to special order for me
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    Stirring The Sand

    I'm trying to say that something should stir. Whether it be you or mts snails or some other burrowing critter. Even if the anaerobic gases are completely harmless how would you like it if your girl/boyfriend came over for the first date and you were showing him/her your tank when a nice big...
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    The Most Famous Red Fish On The Planet

    you mean the ones that look kinda like this?
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    Why Do It?

    keeping fish isn't that hard. the hard part is buying fish. If you do that right then they practically keep themselves. change a little water drop in a little food and maybe scrape some glass and I'm done.
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    Tank Prices!

    check craigslist...and freecycle also check your local thrift nickel or whatever it's called in your locale. second hand tanks are cheap. You just have to check for leaks and cracks and scratches and so forth
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    Stirring The Sand sorry andy you weren't a part of that debate. It was like a year ago though so I don't feel too bad for the memory slip.
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    Another Sand Question!

    again check the pinned topic about the black sand. It talks about a couple black sands... if memory serves the only one that it talks about that i would use is tahitian moon sand.
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    Another Sand Question!

    check out the pinned topic...i think it's called sand resource center. Very usefull resource. There is also a converter's and calculator's pin that will help you figure out how much sand you'll need. It's so cheap though I just buy one bag more than I think I'll need. It's a good idea to...
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    Stirring The Sand

    andy...weren't you a part of the debate about this that went on a while back. I recall someone saying that a bubble rose from their sand as they were stirring it. A fish just happened to be right there and got smacked with the bubble or was very close to it I don't recall which. either way...