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    Load Of Vallis For Sale. St8 North Staffs.

    Hia im not sure how much if any you have left. Can u let me know im after 10 plants, Cheers Shelagh xxx (I dont use this site very ofte but im on the Facebook group..shelagh rashid.)
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    Marine Coral Books For Sale X2

    Eric boreman coral husbandry Richard calfo coral propagation Both as new! Both books are very heavy so I suggest if you're not able to collect from the Cardiff area then you arrange a courier Open to SENSIBLE offers... Cost £35 each Shelagh
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    Dating Site Now ? (lol)

    thankyou xx
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    Api Quick Start

    Silly phone.that was of course meant to say resource lol x oh it won't do anything at all to speed anything up Apart from the emptying of your wallet. Try getting a bit of mature media from a local member or lfs and use this to help x
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    Api Quick Start

    chuck it in the bin and go onto the beginners recourse centre for advice on cycling :)
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    Whats Happened

    not all the cool people :)
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    Dating Site Now ? (lol)

    haven't been on for a while and in my profile there a msg ( on the wall) from someone called Agatha...looking for love?? Haha, c'mon in old n single but not that desperate Shelagh xxx PS. Can someone remove it as I only have my phone for internet access and can't see the option x
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    Newbie Member

    ah but the dog likes yours :) x
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    Announcement - New Moderator! - Wilder

    a HUGE welcome back, and a well deseved mod position, I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw this !! A truly. Amazing lady !! Xxxx
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    Electricity Bill Huge

    when i was in Dundee i changed to pre payment for this very reason and have never looked back... i cant control what i use ( well the kids) but i do get to go ape when its costing me 40 a week! and thats only 2 tanks ( theres) and a UV and heat for the dragon... have them check it and swap...
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    Looking For Tank And Filter For Fry

    what size of fry are you looking to keep in them.. eventuall size i mean lol. home bargains d a small glass tank with filter for about 11 quid
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    Tank Unlevel Whats The Best Remedy

    how much unlevel is it? ive had a few and never let it bother me
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    This Had Me In Stitches!

    HAHAHAHAH!! i want a dog that can send texts :lol: :lol:
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    Finally Rio180 Is Set Up :)

    well it wasnt like you did it intentionally so dont beat yourself up.. these things happen just learn from it and move on you fish killer :lol:
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    This Had Me In Stitches!

    im still laughing :lol: toooo funny