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    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    albino fish are ugly, i do not care if they are ludicrously expensive, anyone who buys one needs there head checked.
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    30l tank

    alright as said before the first step is to cycle the tank, then we can start looking at stocking, what are your water parameters, Gh Kh and that sort of thing, this is crucial for us to be able to give you the best advice on what fish will be ideal for your tank, will the tank be planted? what...
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    Hard water nano stocking ideas?

    basically what he said is what id do ^^^^:fish:
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    Is your dream a fishroom of breeder tanks or exhibition tanks?

    definitely a room full of show tanks, been there with the breeding stuff, doesn't look nearly as pretty, also that indoor pond idea is brilliant, i can just picture a slow flowing river with angels and cories, maybe a few tetra of some kind, loads of plants on the outside, moss, small reed type...
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    Any idea what this is pls

    are they actually attached to the plant or do they move around?
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    nice, call him big head barry, just for the bants
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    Freestate rivers

    i wish it was that simple, they dont even know to read properly, let alone look after records. keep in mind that this is in Africa.
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    The curse of the short arm

    that could have been a huge mess:no:
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    The curse of the short arm

    well kinda, i used to have tanks stacked 3 high when i was breading fish, the top ones you needed a ladder to see the substrate, the bottom ones were almost on the floor. absolute nightmare. i definitely dont recommend. its not fun after a while.
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    The curse of the short arm

    im not short as such but my big tank is pretty high up, the top is almost eye level and the thing is half a metre deep. i learned a few things about cleaning it very quickly, no clothes = no wet clothes, swimming shorts work best, place a towl on the floor in front of the tank, stand on the lid...
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    Corydora Breeding Help - What am I doing wrong?

    when i bread cories (bronze) i would remove the adult fish rather than move the eggs, the fry are extremely sensitive to everything, it is best to feed them live shrimp that are about a day old (they die when they get into the fresh water), light just makes it annoyingly worse so have them in a...
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    Freestate rivers

    Does anyone have a detailed list with pictures and behavioral traits of all the small fish and invetebra that occur in the Freestate (South Africa) particularly in the vreede aria, i'm trying to come up with a list of all the plant and animal species that occur on our farm, im having a difficult...
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    well i mean it has 10 million + installs so it cant be doing to badly, but then again its not of great importance
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    Hello. i know its been a while since i have been on here, also forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but im part of several other forums and i can access all of them via tapatalk (app for your phone) yet this forum is not on there, is there a possibility that it can be put on? and i suspect...
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    Fish that decimate all. With a catch.

    Its not completely dark. There is about 10 %light for about an hour or so around feeding. I found it worked better for the cories. Aswell as the angel fish fry Sent from my SM-A305F using Tapatalk