I have been keeping fish for over 6 years.

I have been researching fish and fish care long before I ever had fish. (Especially Betta Splendens)

I love hunting, exploring, photography, shooting, drumming, shoes, basketball, and other sports. I have always lived in the country, and enjoy being outdoors.

God first, Family second, then fish!

Been given the nickname "PK", and I quite like it! ;)
Lawrenceburg, KY
My Aquariums & Fish
29g *Saltwater tank*: [2] DaVinci Clownfish/[1]Scarlet Hermit Crab/[8] blue legged hermit crabs/[1] Turbo Snail

Live coral: Too many to name

20g Long: [2] Neon tetras/[8] Harlequin Rasboras/[8] Corydoras trilineatus/[1] Albino BNP/[50+] Cherry Shrimp/[1] Zebra Nerite Snail

10g: [1] Hellboy Betta/[20+] Cherry Shrimp
Part-time employee at ToyBurg




“The only easy day was yesterday" Hooyah [Navy SEALs]

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RIP Chris Kyle, “The Legend”, 1974 - 2013

Betta Research Paper | 20g Long Journal | 29g SW Nano Journal


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