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    Fish and Plant Considerations

    We also need to consider the other benefits of replacing fish with plant-based proteins: Plant protein is an excellent alternative for people who are transitioning from a meat-centric diet to a more plant-based diet and still want the benefits of consuming animal proteins. The good thing about...
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    Pregnant fish?

    How to Identify Pregnant Guppies The fish's coloring will fade. The gills will remain partly opened. The fish will have an arched back and will appear to be pushing. The fish's eating habits will change, either eating voraciously or not at all. The fish will remain in or around one spot in the...
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    Buying Fish Online ?

    Suggestions: 1-The best advice I can give you is to work with a reputable company that ships fresh, quality fish. You'll be able to tell because their fish will likely be packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag (this means the air and moisture have been removed from the bag before freezing). In...