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    nope it looks like the fin is rotting away
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    i just got this betta a few days ago right now the betta started to lose a bit of its tail it used to be like this now its like this does anyone know whats wrong with this betta? it will be appreciated
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    random discussion

    im an alien
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    random discussion

    lets talk about random stuff
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    can all this fish fit in my 10 gallon tank?

    i have a 10 gallon tank and i have 3 zebra danio 4 swordtails 2 tetras 2 rosy barbs and 6 guppies can all these guppies fit or should i get another tank
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    I own 6 guppies 4 turned yellow/orange at its gravid spot

    Hi i own 6 guppies 4 are female 2 are male all the females gravid spot turned yellow/orange any thoughts?
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    i was just wondering if peppered corydoras could lay on java moss

    hi i was thinking about getting a peppered corydora and i have java moss on the bottom of the tank can peppered corydora lay on the java moss?
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    looking for free fish

    just any fish that can fit in my 10 gallon aquarium
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    looking for free fish

    looking for free fish in nb canada