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    5Ft Full Setup - Staffordshire

    £300 ono
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    5Ft Full Setup - Staffordshire

    Equipment make/model/size: 5ft full set up; tank, lights, fluval fx5 filter, bog wood, slate caves, pleco breeding caves, spare fluorescent tube, fish; 3 silver dollar, pleco, bristlenoses, angel fish, cories galore, black phantom tetra, rummy nose tetra and many more bits and bobs. Reason for...
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    South American Themed Reshuffle

    I've kept marble hatchet fish before, I find them very fragile. They are relatively small too and the angel fish might try to get a snack. I'd recommend the silver hatchet, a little larger and I found to be more active.
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    I have 3 currently and they are easily 6 inches each. They are very easily spooked and jeez, when they freak out they can shift at some speed. I'm hoping to add a couple more but even my 5ft tank looks tight when they go darting around.
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    New Nano Tank

    Ignore my questions I have just realized that the tank I have is actually 8l !!!
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    New Nano Tank

    Hi, The tank looks great. I think I have the same one, a freebie with pfk magazine a few years back? Anyway, if I remember correctly the tank is supplied with black filter pads in the rear? What have you done to make it marine? I'm a complete newb to anything salty but I am feeling inspired...
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    Monkeys In The Forest

    Hi all, Just thought I would share my photos. I took these in the spring of last year at our local "monkey forest". It was one of the first times I tried to photograph properly. Hope you like. Forgot to say, Please do comment and give me any feedback.
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    Eggs Found!

    I'd say Cory eggs too ... Weird if you only have the one though
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    Moving House / Moving Fishtank...

    When I moved house I kept about half of my tank water by filling big buckets with lids. I got them from a brewers shop. I left it as late as possible and took my fish out and bagged them up keeping as much oxygen in the bags as possible. I then removed as much sand and remaining water as...
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    External Canister Filters

    Wish someone had gave me that tip 4 years ago lol
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    External Canister Filters

    I had a ehiem 2213 and 2215 (I think) on my rio 180. Never had any trouble with them the only nuisance was getting them to prime if I had cleaned out all the pipe work.
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    Silk Plants

    Bump anyone? Spring clean your cupboards of fish bits.
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    3 X Cory Tank's Breaking Down - Biddulph North Staffs

    All the fish are swimming around very happy. Hopefully my grumpy bristle nose might come out and try to impress the new females. My sand looks like it is alive. Cories every where. Hope you manage to get your way again with the tanks and like I said I will happily repay the favour.
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    Corydoras Stuck In Juwel Internal Filter?!

    I had this problem a few times. It was a number of years ago and I did lose a few cories due to not seeing them the first couple of times and squashing them after a clean out. I eventually pulled my internal out and bought externals.
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    Stocking For 6Ft Tank

    Unfortunately there are no updates yet. This was a picture from when the tank was first set up. Taken with iPhone so not good quality.