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    Raphael catfish with huge belly

    I had a pair of these back in the UK before I moved over to Aus. Both were almost round and had grown to around 4" in length, and were still growing when I gave them to a LFS when I moved. Both looked fit to burst, although 1 definitely larger than the other, but seemed happy & healthy. On my...
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    Space Travel

    It’s easy to just say something is not true with a minimal amount of facts, or opinions, to support that statement. In order to provide the proof of the truth a lot of input of facts to show the realty. For example if I said the Earth was flat proving me wrong, persuading me otherwise, would...
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    Cafeteria Coffee , Espresso cooker Coffee , Filter Machine Coffee Instant or tea!

    Tea for me🍵 everytime, even in really hot weather, it's a cure for all ills. Got put off coffee by my parents who, when I was just starting on hot drinks, partook of something called "Camp Coffee" which is a coffee/chicory essence, put me off anything even remotely coffee like for life!
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    Online Stores Australia

    I'm in WA, so because of quarantine restrictions find it hard, if not impossible, to get plants online, all the above listed are over East so can't dispatch to WA. Fortunately there's a few lfs that I can get to who have decent plant stocks; in fact last few months the varieties available seem...
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    Testing, Testing, Testing.

    I probably didn't need to do it, but as with a lot of things I do I enjoy getting into the detail & knowing for sure that things are OK, not just with fishkeeping but around the house & at work. That's just me. Using technology where available satisfies the geek, I like gadgets (I have the...
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    Testing, Testing, Testing.

    I don't have a regular testing regime, 75% water change every 2 weeks and may test everything in my API kit now & then, pH, NH4, NO3, NO2 just to satisfy myself nothing is changing, but in the last year very little shifts in any reading. I occasionally overfeed but see the effects in algae...
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    The Balanced Aquarium

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article, one of many of yours that make a lot of sense. The link to Aquarium Science is good, he (?) makes a lot of sense & I'll spend hours reading it all to see how well I've done over the last 50 years:book:
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    Cory egg grew!

    I keep finding 1 or 2 Panda Cory survivors in my HOB filter body when I do a fortnightly clean. Usually about 3 to 4 mm long, have to net them out & put into a net breeding trap in the main tank, they grow quickly then in with the growing shoal of Pandas :D
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    Best tropical feeders?

    One thing I forgot to mention, and sort of why I went to the "pill box" way, is that when I used an automatic feeder (several years ago I admit) the humidity/damp got into the chute/slot the food came out & the food ended up clumping & not coming out properly. I know the newer ones are better...
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    Best tropical feeders?

    I'm often away for up to a coupe of weeks at a time & use the little containers that are made for setting out daily medicine/pill doses, only costa few dollars & a useful size. Currently have one that's got 14 compartments, marked of with days of the week. I then put into each pocket what food I...
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    Can anyone ID this worm?

    I agree with Colin & Bub, looks & moves like a leech.
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    Let's Talk Tank Vacuums.

    Pythons are OK if you don't have to pay for water; in Australia we're on water meters so every wasted litre down the sink costs. I just use a siphon out the back door onto the lawn, the hose has one of those squeezy bulbs in to start the siphon so I don't have to suck - learnt years ago tank...
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    Siphon pump system recommendations (not python)

    Try a camping/caravan store for a rolling water container like this one off Amazon UK: You can fill with a hose from the tap, get the temp. right & even add dechlorinator, roll it around the house, then use a small submersible/powerhead to pump...
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    Guppies staying at the top of the tank

    Probably stress from moving, mine did that when I got them home. Also now when I water change etc they all hang around right at the surface in a corner of the tank and will stay there for an hour or so. Almost as if they are sulking 'cause I disturbed them:(.
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    how to get rid of algae when you only have a air pump

    This is where common names get confusing; The commonly named Chinese Algae eater is a "sucker mouthed" fish - Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri, however it is also named by the UN FAO as the Siamese Algae Eater (a.k.a. Honey Sucker, Sucking Loach); The commonly named Siamese Algae Eater is actually from...