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    Help Picking An Ro!

    Thanks very much! I was checking that product out earlier, actually. :) Also, am I going to have to add anything to balance the pH at a certain level? What exactly happens to it after it has been through RO? Geez I feel like such a newbie! I'm assuming you have to buffer it somehow? :look:
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    Help Picking An Ro!

    Hope you guys don't mind that my ?s are actually for freshwater, I was recommended to post here for the most help! :unsure: I've just moved to a different state, and unfortunately the water here is quite a bit different than in my previous location. It's quite hard and the pH is very high. I...
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    Other Fish

    Goldfish with bettas are a no no. First because goldfish are cold water fish, whereas bettas are tropicals who need much warmer temperatures. Also because bettas generally don't tolerate other larger fish very well, especially ones with long fins. I'm guessing that the betta would either attack...
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    How Best To "perfect" My Water? Ro?

    Yeah I do need to reduce pH, lowering the hardness would be a bonus as well, as I think the water there is pretty hard - I think I read somewhere that it runs down over limestone to get to us! :look: From what I know of CO2, that doesn't really help provide a constant pH, especially if you...
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    How Best To "perfect" My Water? Ro?

    Hey all. Some of you may remember me from waaaay back. Hi, if so. :) I've got a new situation that is putting me an area of fishkeeping that I really don't know much about! So I figured where better to turn than good ol' TFF. :good: You guys have grown so much and I will appreciate all the...
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    "Cynotilapia Afra Cobue" Spawning Pictures.

    Guppies... sex... wow, this has taken a great turn! :hyper: :lol: Aaaaanyways :whistle: ... beautiful photos - I LOVE that male. Sooo colorful. :wub: Though the female needs a little attention too.. cuz she's also very pretty. Tell her I said so, ya hear? Females never get enough...
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    10 inch water level for 10 gallon breeding?

    It needs to be up to the line that the heater shows. Otherwise it'll feel the room temp instead of the water temp, and yes, will fry. -_-
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    10 inch water level for 10 gallon breeding?

    I would suggest you get a submersible heater, if possible. That way you can make your water level whatever you want. :nod: Otherwise, your fry may have a bit of trouble getting back up to the top, and dad will have to work harder to pick up the eggs and falling fry later on. It's definitely...
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    More rescues. *sigh*

    :blink: Eek, don't you think that's a little harsh? Not everyone knows the full grown size of all fish, that's why he asked. :no: Beautiful fish SirMinion, they certainly have something adorable about their little faces. :wub:
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    She's so weird...

    :lol: That's the thing - she's NOT near a male, she can't see anyone but me. :blink: Don't know what that says about me..... :sly: Haha, I have had problems with unwilling girls, so next time I try I think I'm gonna use this one. She's practiced enough. :P
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    She's so weird...

    Ok, so I just went to clean my new little cello/marble girl's tank.. with a baster... and when I squirted it at the bottom, TONS of this little white stuff floated up. :blink: Then I figured out, she had freaking spilled eggs all over the place. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS. :hyper: Man.... if I had...
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    Yawning fish!,Post your pics here!

    Platinum plakat. :rolleyes: :wub:
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    betta crew logo/illustration

    You are extremely talented, bkk. I just love it! :hyper: If your client doesn't like.... why I oughta... buy it myself. :lol:
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    betta and flaked food

    Are they flakes made for bettas? If so, don't worry! :) Bettas do have specific dietary needs, but if the flakes are made for them, they'll do just as good of a job as pellets. I have 3 bettas who eat flakes and they're just as healthy as those who eat pellets. :thumbs:
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    Betta Bubble Nesting Contest Comeing Back

    And the master nester himself. :flex: