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    wood shrimp

    in that case I'll avoid any shrimp .. not worth the risk, thanks for the replies
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    wood shrimp

    would wood shrimp do well in a tank with .. 17 tiger barbs 4 yoyo loaches 1 rainbow shark I really like these filter feeding shrimp with their jazz hands, but dont want them to become a meal lol
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    Starting to take shape

    Background should be here within the next few days too..
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    200L / 53 US gallon

    Stocking suggestions that go with tiger/green barbs please? I've currently got a group of 12 of these, although will be upping this number to 17, most likely 17 anyway .. so that should curb their aggression somewhat although I will still need fish that wont be targeted by them or indeed be...
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    Fish regret

    they do better in bigger groups
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    easy low maintenance plants

    is there such a thing? I wasn't planning on adding tanks, purely because I dont want to make the extra work and add to the list of things that could go wrong .. but if there are some plants that dont require any co2 or fertiliser, and can be planted straight into a gravel only substrate, I may...
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    stocking list check please

    thanks Byron, I'm having a good read through now
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    stocking list check please

    sorry I meant, an additional 10g of the tank for the fantail, like I was allocating the space in the tank if that makes sense? .. do fantails require more space than black moors?
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    stocking list check please

    That's why I thought it best to double check here! Just like I've read that they require 20 gallons for the first fish, then an additional 10 per fish So my thought process was.. 20 gal black moor, 10 gal fantail, 10 gal smaller fish
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    stocking list check please

    I thought danios were 'temperate' not tropical since they're happy in water as cool as 18C / 65F .. but if they're too boisterous / aggressive then that's another issue altogether, I've just seen them suggested that's all Is there any other small 'space filling' that would be more appropriate?
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    stocking list check please

    would this be ok in a 150L / 40 US Gallon tank 1x black moor 1x fantail 10x zebra danios 1x bristlenose pleco kept at 21 C / 70 F .. which I believe stays within parameters for all fish
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    Water test results

    The KH goes to 240 but yeah you're right about GH could be higher, I'll get a liquid test done asap.. will it effect my Cory's? I have nothing in there that I think could be effecting water hardness, just smooth gravel substrate and fake plants/decor
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    Water test results

    See attached picture .. in my opinion everything is ok but my water hardness is a lot harder than I thought it would be in my area? All measured in PPM
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    When Changing Water For Your Betta

    please please please listen to the advice and save vases for flowers, not fish
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    external filters

    here it is, had to upload to youtube