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    L066 Spawn

    Not hugely different from my set up, my group is only 5 in a 180l loads of wood slate etc well over filtered and lots of flow, perhaps i will alter my flow direction and point the caves as you suggest. I dont change as much water as you so could try that i guess, mine also like a lot of meat in...
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    L066 Spawn

    I have been trying to breed mine for nearly 2 years now without any sucess or anything that looks like sucess! What were your water params? did you do aything to trigger them? I have the same caves from smithrc, however, my male prefers the cave he has dug out under some bog wood. What size...
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    New Pleco

    Just had a look in my aqualog. Not a panaque fan either, but it does not look like L190 or 191 either. However it does look like Panaque nigrolineatus no L number as shown on page 143 of aqualog. Not sure if this is any help. Ian
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    Is This Def A King Tiger

    It certainly looks like a king tiger to me and I have several to compare it to. Ian
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    Can Plecs Blink?

    My L66 King tigers regularly blink. They have cool blue looking eyelids. Ian
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    I've Just Bought An L066 King Tiger Plec ... Again.

    If he showing signs of eating the food i.e. sitting on top of it that is good. Just leave him well alone and hopefully he will keep eating. Try not to keep disturbing him. they can take a while to settle. Mine still dissapear as soon as I go into the room and they are used to me they have...
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    I've Just Bought An L066 King Tiger Plec ... Again.

    looks a bit on the thin side but has nice colour and eyes these plecs like warmer temperatures and lots of oxygen hard to sex from those pictures and a little young at 3 inches. If I had to say, I would sat its a Male. Make sure he has meat availible mine get muscle and bloodworm on a regular...
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    L066, King Tiger

    I keep a group of 3 king tigers. Lovely fish need a meaty diet and can be slow to feed to start with. I also find they prefer warmer temperatures and lots of oxygen in the water. If you need any more info just ask. I would think carefully before adding them to such a heavily stocked tank...
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    New L260 Found Nearly Dead

    Plecs are weird creatures sometimes they die for no apparent reason. I lost an L200 yesterday. He/she was happy and eating as usual at 6pm and by 9pm looked unwell. By 10pm he/she was dead! Everything else in the tank is fine including my L66's. Nothing had changed no chemicals present all...
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    Slate Caves

    Caves arrived. They look great, not that ayone appears to have moved into them yet. Hopefully with time someone will take up residence. Thanks again Ian
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    Slate Caves

    I will take the 4 you have left. No rush for them. PM sent
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    King Tiger Pleco

    I would also point out that most of the other information on that website is not accurate, they can be fussy eaters and need a meaty diet. They do not eat algae. They do not compete well for food so would not recomend keeping them with loaches. They have also been succesfully bread in...
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    King Tiger Plec

    They like a meaty diet, bloodworm, cockles muscles etc but they quickly learn to eat most foods. Mine eat tetra prima and a variety of catfish pellets etc. Ian
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    King Tiger Plec

    I am having trouble posting pictures, so if you PM me your email address I will send you some. I also have nano reef pictues you may be interested in as it looks like you are bout to set one up! Ian
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    King Tiger Plec

    Thats a difficult one. I am a fan of groups, but then I am trying to breed the king tigers. If you have no experience sexing plecs it may be difficult to get a male and a female. I love my king tikers and think they are stunning. There are 2 more waiting at my LFS to increase the size of my...