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    Save Shrimp, Prevent Clogged Filter Intake?

    My husband just found around 20 baby shrimp inside the filter intake and filter when cleaning our 75-gallon tank's canister filter. He was able to save over half of them once he realized they were there. So I started reading here, and found pantyhose recommended several times for covering the...
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    Thank you for the tips! I sure need them! We did the full two-week heat treatment as recommended--and the white spot disappeared. So, whether it was ich or not, it's gone now. Simultaneously, we were also doing a blackout (for the first full week of the heat treatment) and changing other...
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    Thank you for the duration info! I was thinking we probably need to go over a week. Two weeks it will be! It just looks like a small white dot. Definitely not like fungus. It hasn't changed since I first saw it. The fins are pretty much transparent except for the veins, and the white dot is...
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    How long do we need to maintain the temperature at 86 deg. F? Also, the male gourami still has the single white spot on his pectoral fin. It has not changed in size or shape. I still can't get a photo because he won't stay still, LOL! But could I have misdiagnosed the issue? It does not look...
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    Okay. Ich-X is now at the bottom of my list of things to do--IF the Ich returns after we try the heat and possibly the salt. I've never heard of Garlic Guard! Thanks for that new info, @Deanasue!
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    I just looked at Aquarium Coop's website at the Ich-X. It lists these ingredients: Contains:water, formaldehyde (<5%), methanol (<2%), malachite green chloride (<0.1%) So no copper. Do you think it would be safe for the shrimp? Or would it be safer to up the temp to 86 degrees and see how that...
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    Ah, the guy in the Prime Time Aquatics video said that Ich-X was safe for shrimp. :-( And we chose 84 as the max because the shrimp can't go above that . . . will they survive a few days at 86? How many days should we do that?
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    I QUIT!!!

    I'm with you on that! I remember my dad quit smoking. He was one who quit cold turkey and never looked back, but I know that doesn't work for everyone. Hang in there, @Flushable Pets--Your determination is the key to your success!
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    Pretty sure we have ich!

    Well, I guess we couldn't go long without *some* problem! I noticed a small white spot on one of the pectoral fins of our male pearl gourami. Only one--but it sure looks like the start of ich to me! I can't get a photo; he won't hold still and pose! Plus, I'm worried that I could be missing...
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    Give aways....

    They are really pretty guppies! And guppies are an easy beginner fish for kids, plus fun to watch giving birth!
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    Hemianthus Failures and Possible Reasons?

    After percolating on all the information everyone shared, I think I had two problems: 1. not enough lumens for the tank 2. some wrong plants. To resolve Problem 1, I have another aquarium light hood (an old fluourescent fixture that takes a T8 bulb) and can add lumens. Will that interfere with...
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    Juwel Vision 260 needs new home

    It's beautiful, but a little far for me to travel . . . Unless I could get my friend up in Hebden Bridge to get it for me, LOL! Oh, wait, we'd still have to get it to the USA. Never mind. Seriously, good luck finding it a new home--there's surely someone near you who'll want it!
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    random pictures

    My youngest son had a lop-eared bicolor rabbit for a number of years. The rabbit had a skull & crossbones shape in brown on its neck and back, so he called her Bone. That rabbit adored my son. She would sit quietly in his lap while he petted her. She hated me. Every time I opened her hutch...
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    Worst fish keeping advice?

    LFS that I won't buy from: 1. We're out of the (easy) shrimp you want, but really, you don't want them anyway because they are really picky and die quickly. These other shrimp (Crystal Black Shrimp or Black King Kong Shrimp) are way easier." Me: As a beginner with shrimp, I had deliberately...
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    Hemianthus Failures and Possible Reasons?

    We have tried twice to plant Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba' (Dwarf Baby Tears) in our 75-gallon tank. The first time, we planted a mat; the second time, I planted three pots that I separated into clumps. Both times, the Hemianthus have suffered severe leaf melt and have never recovered...