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  • Oh I'm so sorry... she will be surly missed. :( Sorry about your other fish too, it is always annoying when you have to move them around...
    don't worry, didn't actually meen that litterly :) I will still be a fish-mom, and keep up the BN breeding !!!! :)
    Pretty much given up on fish keeping :0 Kenji died on the 28th, and Kodiak and Trudy are dead. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Well, one day I couldn't find Kody and the next day I couldn't find Trudy. Turns out they curled up behind the bogwood and died together. They were about six...
    Ahhhhh!!!!! The world has ended!!! My original breeders -Trudy and Kodiak- have both died. I HATE COLUMNARIS!!!!
    Sorry i've only just got back to you Aston, I never notice posts on my profile. It is an Apistogramma Cacatuoides "super red"
    My cats? I have 2 females and 1 male. The male and one of the females are moggies and the other female is a black oriental. BTW the one in my siggy isn't mine.
    Make sure to feed Charlotte her fave foods in her last month with you... :)
    Who's Vanquish? Sorry.... :(
    I once gave a common pleco away and I regretted it forever:( It's nice to know that you are keeping Char for a little longer!
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