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    Paradise fish staying small?

    I have a male and female paradise fish in a large heavily planted tank. They have had babies once but I didn’t intervene or take them out. One of the surviving fry is now about half of his mom’s size and lives in the tank too. My question is, I’ve had these guys for like a year and they are...
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    The shark, Krib and a Dempsey died. The loach was eaten by the knife fish I believe he said. I've offered to test his water with my kits and he's not taken me up on it. he's not done a water change even after the death in the tank. It's kind of a hopeless situation
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    Hi friends! My stepson has a tank at his mom's house and she let him go pick out some new fish. Here's what he's got going on: Tank size: 46 gal Tank already had the following in it: Yoyo Loach and a rainbow shark. Then he went today and bought the following: a clown knife fish, 2 jack...
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    Hopefully it was a good weekend anyway

    Hopefully it was a good weekend anyway
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    Can Anyone Id This Fish?

    I think you're dead on! Thanks B!!
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    Can Anyone Id This Fish?

    Someone I know caught this off the coast of Florida and is trying to ID. A commenter said it appeared to be an aquarium fish. I was wondering if anyone knew for sure? They were stopped by fish and wildlife who let them keep it because they had no clue what it was either. Thanks!
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    Fungus Or Bacteria?

    When you look closely at it, does it appear that the scales are missing right there? Or is there a whiteish haze over the top of the scales?
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    Betta And Friends In A 10 Gallon

    Hi! Each betta has a different personality. Some can have tank mates, others can not. You could try a few and see how he acts, but be prepared to remove them immediately and return to the store if he doesn't approve. If he shows signs of flaring and being stressed, get them out. I second the...
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    Large Peaceful Fish For 30 Gallon

    To answer your question, there is no other larger peaceful fish that will work in your tank and with your current inhabitants.
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    Sick Tetra & Being Bullied

    Do they have places to hide in the tank? Also,the otocinculus doesn't belong in a ten gallon. He should be in more like a 30 gal.
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    What Kind Of Goldfish Are These?

    Those do not look like orandas to me. What are their tails like? It's hard to tell from the photos. Are they fantailed or is the tail just single?
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    10 Gallon Nano Reef

    So lovely
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    Been A Few Weeks Things Have Settled Down

    Your white cloud minnows prefer colder water than your tetra and barbs. Keeping them in warmer water will shorten their lifespan.
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    Platy With Cloudy Film On Eye! Please Help Asap!

    I would rehome all the platy or take them back to the store. Getting rid of a few of each kind of fish doesn't fix the issue of the species needing two different kinds of water to thrive. I would suggest purchasing an api master test kit. It will give you enough chemicals to test for years and...